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Lance Henriksen Live Irc Chat

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I just received an email from Sideshow Collectibles.com which informed me that Lance Henriksen is going to be taking questions via IRC chat, at the Comic Con 2005 in San Diego, California on Saturday, July 16, 2005 from 1pm - 1:30pm and from 3pm - 3:30pm Pacific time.

Here is the complete irc chat schedule for the entire weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a direct link to the IRC chat site:


Enjoy, Zohar.

So by now, you've heard we are going to be having a LIVE IRC Chatroom and LIVE webcams from Comic-Con 2005, but did you know what subjects, products and guests we are going to have? This schedule page will give you a general outline of the exciting ongoings at the Sideshow Collectibles Comic-Con 2005 Booth.


Wednesday, July 13th - Preview Night

Pre-Order all of our NEW Products!

6 - 7:45pm - SDCC Exclusives

7:45pm - 8pm - Special Star Wars Announcement and Product Reveal

8pm - 9pm - Fun and Games with Robin Ferguson

GUEST Robin Ferguson (VP E-Commerce)

Thursday, July 14th

10am-11:15am - Plastic to Polystone Sculpture Design

GUEST 11AM-NOON - Mat Falls (Sculptor)

11:15am-12 Noon - Highlander and Universal Monsters

Noon - 2pm - Marvel®

GUEST 1PM-2PM - Martin Canale (Sculptor)

2pm - 3:30pm - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

GUEST 3PM-4PM - Brant Bridges (Production Manager)

3:30pm - 6pm - Star Wars

6pm - 7pm - LIVE BY REQUEST! - You request what to see on the Product Cam and the web team scrambles to fulfil your every wish!

Friday, July 15th

10am-12 NOON - Ending the Sideshow/Weta Lord of the RIngs Line

GUEST - Brant Bridges

12 NOON - 1pm - Sculpting Screen Icons: Bond & Vader Realized

GUEST - Oluf W. Hartvigson (Sculptor)

1pm - 2pm - Premium Format Fabrication with Greg Mowry

GUEST - Greg Mowry (Fabricator)

2pm - 3pm - Hellboy and New License

GUEST - Tom Gilliland (Creative Director)

3pm - 4:30pm - Terminator, Predator and Alien

GUEST - Scott Klauder demonstrates the set-up of our Life-Sized Terminator Endoskeleton [Pre-Order]

4:30 - 6pm - LIVE BY REQUEST! - You request what to see on the Product Cam and the web team scrambles to fulfil your every wish!

Saturday, July 16th

10am - 11:30am - New Line Horror & 'Licensing and Sideshow'

GUEST 10AM - 11AM - Brock Otterbacher (Senior Licensing Coordinator)

11:30am - 1pm - PopBot, Twisted Rabbits and Faeries - OH MY!

1pm - 1:30pm - Alien and X-Files - Questions for Lance Henriksen

FEATURE GUEST - Lance Henriksen

1:30pm - 3pm - Military Figures and Art. S Buck

3pm - 3:30pm - More Questions for Lance Henriksen

FEATURE GUEST - Lance Henriksen

3:30pm - 5pm - Andy's Sculpting Corner - X-Files, Scarface and Star Wars

GUEST - Andy Bergholtz (Sculptor)

5pm - 6pm - Exploring the Premium Format

GUEST - Heath Hammond (Senior Designer and Manager of Development)

6pm - 7pm - LIVE BY REQUEST! - You request what to see on the Product Cam and the web team scrambles to fulfil your every wish!

Sunday, July 17th

10am - 11:30am - Items on Special!

11:30am - 1pm - Details of Package Design

GUEST - Peter Mitchell, Esq (Graphics Manager)

1pm - 1:30pm - Marvel®

1:30pm - 2:30pm - Deconstructing General Grievous

GUEST - Martin Canale (Sculptor)

2:30pm - 3:30pm - 'Vader Speaks' with Darth Vader

GUEST Darth Vader

3pm - 5pm - Final Questions on the End of the Sideshow/Weta Lord of the RIngs Line

GUEST - Brant Bridges

The End - Thats it folks!

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Here's the full transcript from Lance's live IRC chat on July 16 2005 at the San Diego Comic-Con 2005, courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.com.

And here's a link to the transcript:


Enjoy, Zohar.


On July 16th 2005 at the San Diego Comic-Con 2005, artist and actor Lance Henriksen joined our LIVE IRC chat coverage to chat with our virtual participants. The following is a log of the questions and answers asked during the event. If you are interested in Lance's artistic works, please check out our complete offering of his fine art collectables.


SSF-Dr2red - 'LANCE' What is your best memory working with Terry O'Quinn

Lance Henriksen: Dr2red - Very funny guy and very bright and we were always between the horror and the humor - we were always cracking jokes. I think Terry's very very talented

SSF-P4EVA - Just how crazy is SDCC this year?

Lance Henriksen: how crazy is it? I can't go outside and have a cigarette! I get swamped but I'm having fun

SSF-Mannix - 10LANCE, any new AVP tiles in the works ???

Lance Henriksen: there are more AvP tiles in the works

Predators and Aliens

also we're going to be doing the 7 Deadly sins from Millennium

Shadow-DarthRage - LANCE : QUESTION - Any headway on a millenium movie?

Lance Henriksen: DarthRage -

not a word Chris (Carter) must be surfing somewhere

SSF-creecher - LANCE I hear you may be working on bowls now is that true can you tell us more about them if that rumour is true?

Lance Henriksen: creecher - they are going to be 22" in diameter and I'm working on a 36" in diameter platter. that's big enough to serve up a wild boar! or 20,000 pounds of pasta :p

Pauluz - What did think of AvP when it came out, have you seen it?

Lance Henriksen: Pauluz - I really love AvP because it didn't overuse digital and Paul Anderson loves the genre so much he's like a fan director

SSF-P4EVA - QUESTION - Out of all the sideshow debuting at sdcc which is your favourite?

Lance Henriksen: P4EVA - I like all of the stuff from Lord of the Rings! the LOTR stuff is really beautiful and some guy's making tiles that I really like

[sSF]-lcummins - are they the same designs as the tiles?

Lance Henriksen: lcummins - all the platters will be very limited. only about 30 of each design and that's the end of it and some of the designs are the same. there will only be 10 of each color and only 30 of each design

SSF-Dr2red - LANCE : Question Would you like to see other characters from Millennium made into Sideshow figures?

Lance Henriksen: Dr2red - Sideshow's never made any from Millennium. the Frank Black is from the X-Files episode "Millennium"

what I would like to see are some of the monsters that were on Millennium made into collectibles. what the collectibles ought to be is like a case book that gives you the clues that lead up to the capture of a bad guy. tangible clues, like real letters that would go with the character

SSF-Mannix - 10LANCE, do u make each platter by hand or u have a mould ???

Lance Henriksen: Mannix - I don't mold anything, I press them because I work alone. no one else works on this but me. what I do is press a platter and then design it

and then fire it several times

SSF-creecher - it good to see you branching out LANCE when will your new items be available?

Lance Henriksen: as soon as

the movie I'm making is done

as soon as I have time my wife is a "pottery widow" :)

Seretur - yeah, just now!


ssf-Fathobbitss - QUESTION are you self trained artist?

Lance Henriksen: Fathobbittss - yes I am. I didn't go to high school either so all my learning comes from trying to rediscover electricity. it took a little longer than usual, but it makes you stronger

Pauluz - you HAVE to make a decision, who do you prefer as an "alien"? Alien or Predator?

Lance Henriksen: Pauluz - the Alien is like our past and our future all in one

the Predator is more like us

in a sense that it represents the hunter/gatherer

SSF-Dr2red - Lance: Question Do you have your studio at

Lance Henriksen: Dr2red - yes I have the studio in my home

I have 15 acres and my pottery studio is just across the yard

Shadow-Seretur - Lance: Loved your work in Dead Man! How was it?

Lance Henriksen: I think Giger's work on Alien was probably the most far reaching piece of art he's a genius man

Seretur - "Dead man' - I love westerns and Cole was a walking ecological disaster!

with bad teeth and no patience. he was fun to play

[sSF]-lcummins - QUESTION Are you happy with the sales of the tiles so far, or is just making them enjoyment enough?

Lance Henriksen: lcummins - making them is enjoyable enough. BUT the sales will pay for new adventures

SSF-P4EVA - QUESTION - I watched Near Dark after your recommendation in the last chat......what your most vivid memory of making that film?

Lance Henriksen: "Near Dark" most vivid memory - almost getting arrested on the way home from the set. one night I forgot to take my makeup off and I got pulled over for speeding. when the cop looked into my face he saw I was looking at him like he was dinner. it was a funny moment

Pauluz - Sorry for that sentence I made, it didn't make sense, this is what I really meant: Who do you think is cooler, Alien or Predator?

Lance Henriksen: I think Predator is cool because of the dreadlocks! Alien is too cold, like a scorpion landing on your arm

SSF-Dr2red - Lance:Question Thoughts on "Quick and the Dead"

Lance Henriksen: DrZred - "Quick and Dead" - the one that just came to mind...

when I met SHaron STone

it was at 8 AM in the morning

and she had no makeup on

and was beautiful enough to make your jaw drop she noticed and said referring to her looks and her body..."don't get too excited Lance, this is just my space suit!"


SSF-Mannix - 10LANCE,

QUESTION - do you also collect SS stuffs ??? what is your fav

Lance Henriksen: mannix - my figure is my favorite!


[sSF]-lcummins - QUESTION Did you have a chance to look over the 1:1 Terminator Endo and what did you think of it?

Lance Henriksen: lcummins - yeah yeah, I would hate to run into it in a dark room. you could leave that by your door and never have a burglar problem

SSF-Dr2red - Lance : Question How do we in cyber space get an autographed Frank Black

Lance Henriksen: Dr2Red - anything that's ordered from now until Christmas, I'll go down to Sideshow and sign them before they ship out. any of the tiles or Frank Black that is

ssf-Fathobbitss - QUESTION Would be cool if they did a Lance 12" line with all the characters you've played!

Lance Henriksen: Fathobbitss - that's a great idea to have a 12" line of all my characters like a retrospective. write Sideshow! :p

SSF-P4EVA - QUESTION - Who was you movie icon when you were aspiring to be an actor?

Lance Henriksen: P4EVA - it

was really Kirk Douglas

because I ran away from home

and watched the Big Sky

over and over again in the theater. I had camping equipment under my seat and I was pretending that I was on the boat with him. I think that started me thinking about acting. I sat for 8 hours once, watching that movie over and over again

deadmann - Speaking of Westerns, I saw your work on the recent series "Out of the West" in which you play a very self serving but successful character. I loved your performance, but hated your character...well done! Was it an enjoyable job for you?

Lance Henriksen: deadman - "Out of the West" - yes it was an enjoyable job. anytime I can stand on a muddy street in the freezing cold wearing makeup watching horses and wagons run away. I'm a happy man! I was a despicable character. :p

Pauluz - Are you a collector yourself, if yes, what do you collect?

Lance Henriksen: pauluz- I collect bronzes and painting

*paintings* mostly Eastern European artists

SSF-creecher - LANCE QUESTION Can you tell us what other projects you have for your pottery in the collectible vein?

Lance Henriksen: creecher - I have plans for Millennium tiles the first edition

first "limited" edition

will be the 7 Deadly Sins

prophecygirl - what was it like working with the X-Files actors, they nice? :)

Lance Henriksen: prophecygirl - David Duchovny wanted to drop a rock on my head!

he felt like I had invaded his family but we both got nominated for Golden Globes the same year. he won so he settled down a little bit

Pauluz - Lance: Who is your favorite superhero

Lance Henriksen: pauluz - The Invisible Man and Sideshow sells him with a beautiful stand. in a movie called Bone Dry, deadmann

- Lance: Question: Are you more "at home" playing Bad Characters or the Good ones..like A vs P?

Lance Henriksen: deadman - bad or good?? hmmm...

I like to play guys that everyone thinks is bad

and then turns out to be good

I'm doing that right now


After signing a few more autographs for the Comic-Con 2005 attendees, Lance Henriksen then rejoined the web cast at approximately 3pm PT.

From Pauline: Are you having a good time at the con Lance? You sure look like you are :)

Lance Henriksen: YES!!!

Cary asks: If you had to choose, which aliens film do you like more, Alien or Aliens?

Lance Henriksen: I couldn't choose. it's like 1st wife 2nd wife

This next question is from Cary:

Lance Henriksen: it's like choosing between your children

Is Giger one of your favorite artists?

Lance Henriksen: yes definitely, necromancia. he's way ahead of his time

Cary asks another question: Are you currently working on a film project? If so, can tell us a little bit about it?

Lance Henriksen: yeah I'm working on a movie called Bone Dry and with Luke Goss. him and I are battling it out in the desert Death Valley

and one of us wins

More from Cary (Just going in a row here folks): Can you be more specific about which Eastern European artwork you like?

Lance Henriksen: that's wild... hmm...I bought 3 bronzes while I was in Sophia, Bulgaria. I had to buy suitcases for them and almost had to break my back to get them on the airplane. the art was really in frustration to having been held down by the Soviets.

it's very classical and surreal at the same time

they are very beautiful pieces

From Aaron: Lance, of the tiles you've done so far, do you have a favorite?

Lance Henriksen: my favorite is probably the Brooding

it's the life cycle of an Alien from egg to chest-bursting!

Comes from Cary: How do you apply the different finishes?

Lance Henriksen: the glazes are made out of different chemicals like an alchemist would use fired very high about 2500 degrees and they fuse, and you have to have been doing it for 20 years to make it work

Next question from Angelo: Hi Lance, I wanted to say you gave me some great tips on how to direct actors in front of blue-screen last in the chat last Fantacular.And now i wonder if you have ever considered directing a film yourself?Do you have any ideas or dream projects?

Lance Henriksen: yeah I wanna do the life of George Ohr

a potter who lived between 1865 and the early 1900s

down in Biloxi, Mississippi

who was ahead of his time

he had 10 kids, a sense of humor and no money but is a great character. I will definitely make that movie!

Next question from Lonnie: Lance, if you could do any pottery project you wanted, what would you choose to do?

Lance Henriksen: oh man that's like saying if you won the lottery what would you do with the money. I actually am doing everything I want to do in pottery. I'm happy! it's really hard after 6 hours of Comic Con to answer a hard question like that!! :p

Next question comes from Aaron: Lance, imdb.com has you listed as playing "Satan" in a film called "The Garden." Can you talk about that role?

Lance Henriksen: sure it's a character film. Satan in this one has no horns and the only thing similar about it is it's a morality play. it's the other side of The Passion. my favorite line that I said in the movie "I've seen the face of God. I wonder what it will be like when I see him again?"

Next question from Colleen: Do you turn down any roles now that you are working with Sideshow Collectables or are you able to fit then both into your busy schedule?

Lance Henriksen: I think about it all the time if the script is good I have a more difficult time turning it down

Next question from Grant: Lance, what was it like to work with Stephen Speilberg on Into the West?

Lance Henriksen: I never saw Speilberg the whole time

when you work for him, one of the things you know is going to happen is it's going to get the attention it needs

my favorite part of doing that film was working with the director Michael Watson

next question comes from Jenny: Lance, did you enjoy working on Aliens or Alien 3 the most?

Lance Henriksen: this is the third "the most" question!

it's like asking me to choose between one of my 3 children!!

Comes from Brent: Hi Lance . Do you think you will win this years Tour De France ?

Lance Henriksen: yes! :p

"outlook is favorable" lol

Question from Prentice: Lance, How fast was your hand really moving in the knife scene with Bill Paxton in Aliens? Thanks

Lance Henriksen: the first time we did it Jim Cameron sped the camera up and then the night before I was ready to leave London he called me and said you have to come back and re-do that scene because the sped-up version looked phony. and Bill Paxton and I had been partying pretty heavy because it was almost time to go home. and with a hangover I went back into the studio...and did what you saw on film. I gave Bill a blood blister on his pinkie, and that's the truth!

Next question from Christian: What's it like doing voices for video game characters? Is it similar to doing voices for an animated feature (Tarzan)? For those not familiar, could you please explain the process a little, Thank You

Lance Henriksen: the process is...you stand in front of a microphone and make a big, silly fool out of yourself and I let the director bring it back to something more use-able and then you get your check :p

Next question comes from Rick: Where can I get a map to where you bury your tiles?

Lance Henriksen: check out the Sideshow website in a few weeks and there will be clues to where to get the map :p

Next question comes from

Colleen: Where do you find the time to create your pottery?

Lance Henriksen: in between movies my wife's a "pottery widow". my daughter's a "Pottery orphan"

Colleen also asks: What makes you happier making pottery or acting?

Lance Henriksen: acting because I can make the money to allow me to make the pottery :)

Next question from Aaron: Lance, how did you feel about the cancellation of Millennium. It seemed like the series was just starting to get going.

Lance Henriksen: you're right it was just getting started

usually in the fourth year you really find your legs

I think Fox studios really wants to make a movie of it

so they cancelled the show in order to make the movie. just kidding!! :p

Next question comes from Tien: Will Frank Black return, maybe in a Millennium movie?

Lance Henriksen: yes possibly

"outlook looks favorable"


Next question from Scott: With all of the shows now featuring profilers, do you feel that Millennium was ahead of it's time and would have been more successful now?

Lance Henriksen: I think it would have been more successful now if we were on HBO, it could have been grittier and have language. God knows I love to say "Damn"

Next question from Mark: What was you "big break" in Hollywood?

Lance Henriksen: Bishop from Aliens changed my life

Next question comes from Daniel: Are there any specific actors or actresses who you'd LOVE to work with?

Lance Henriksen: oh God let me see.. Charlize Theron - what a great performance that was in "Monster". not Tom Cruise! :p

Next question from Cary: What was your most vidid moment while working on Aliens?

Lance Henriksen: let's see...

when Bishop got cut in half

that was a very complicated week shooting that and we all felt very proud of ourselves after it was over

Next question from Howard: Lance, would you to do another Alien film? or would you prefer to walk away and concentrate on new material?

Lance Henriksen: since the time frame is always so long

between these movies I've got no problem re-visiting a hundred times, it's so much fun to do. but not with Tom Cruise

Next question from Vladimir: After your accident with that Croatian painter, did you collect any of his/her works? You said you collect East European art. :)

Lance Henriksen: let's clear the slate here, I was playing in a post-Apocalyptic movie

a character whose self-will ran rampant. I thought the paintings on the set had been done by a set designer. in the middle of the scene I threw paint at the painting and we painted it. I didn't realize it was someone's art!! and that really happened. I was bugged about my son being kidnapped (my character's son). later I found out but to this day I have to admit I didn't like those paintings very much! everything is taste...

Next question from Pauline: Lance, how much longer will you continue your tile creations? What lines can we look forward to seeing in the tiles?

Lance Henriksen: the lines you can look forward to seeing is:

Millennium Tiles

Graffiti tiles

and a few other really special things that can't be announced yet

Next question from Ben: If you could describe, in one word, your experience working with Sideshow, what would it be?

Lance Henriksen: EUREKA!!

Next question from Michael: What was your favorite Movie role and why?

Lance Henriksen: I liked playing in Powder. the reason...there was a lot of dignity to that role

Next question from Lonnie: Lance, what are the platters made of? and how heavy are they?

Lance Henriksen: they are made of stoneware 20 pounds (about) 22 1/2 inches in diameter

We'd like to Thank Lance for coming to chat with us today Everyone give him a big round of applause!

Lance Henriksen: thank you very much for chatting with me.


Edited by ZOHAR
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