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Chris Carter

Guest zombieromero

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Guest zombieromero

I can't believe that there wasn't a thread on the guy in 1013 section of the forum! He created Millennium! LOL!

I think Chris carter has changed the way television shows are produced today. Before The X-Files and Millennium there was no other show which was brave enough to set a bold and dark tone to the visual and content of the show.

Any other opinions?


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Guest Frank L.

Chris Carter centainly made two of my favorite television shows. (The X-Files and MillenniuM). But he also got inspiration from shows like Kolchak: The Night Stalker (and the movies) and Twin Peaks. I absolutely love Twin Peaks (nr. 3 on my list) and I also love the Kolchak movies, although I have never seen an episode from the series. But that will change, 'cause I heard they are coming to DVD. :bigsmile:

But CC definately changed television forever. I don't think there have ever been TV-shows with such a complicated an twisted mythology than The X-Files. And MillenniuM, let's just say MM was canceled way too soon... :cry:

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Guest zombieromero

Yeah he has certainly drawn from many influences which serves to make classic shows such as Millennium and The X-Files.

Chris Carter = TV God.

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  • Elders (Moderators)

Yes, Chris Carter definately changed the look of TV-Drama-Series. You just have to watch things like C.S.I or 24 and you know that the look of that shows was inspired by the Carter-Shows. Of course not everybody wants to admit that... :wtf:

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Well, Chris Carter is my favourite among the 1013 producers/writers/etc. To begin with, I just liked the X-Files, and then Millennium, and then the rest, because of the visual style plus, perhaps more importantly, they're shows where you have to pay attention. I lose interest very quickly when shows/movies Make The Point Very Carefully so nobody misses it! Also where it's very obvious where the plot is going. And where the characters are just Hollywood stereotypes. 1013 shows were never like that. All of that really does stem from the top. He did stick to his original visions of his shows pretty effectively through the decade that 1013 shows were being made, despite all the difficulties.

Another thing I like is that many writers commented on the fact that unlike their experiences elsewhere, they were expected to do more than just write the script and hand it in. They were expected to be available, even to the extent of travelling up to Vancouver, when their episode was being filmed, so the director could liaise with them if there was a problem. As for the directors - there was a comment by one of the producers early on in the X-Files that a lot of TV directors had quite a struggle with episodes because they were expected to produce a more filmic quality than they were used to.

So, a lot of challenge to a lot of people - the vast majority of whom seem to have relished the opportunities they were given to excel, despite the gruelling work schedule. It's interesting to see how many people stayed with 1013 over the years, when they could have opted for easier shows to work on - and wouldn't have had too much difficulty getting work elsewhere with a 1013 show on their resume.

There's also the view that the critical acclaim of the X-Files in particular, but also Millennium, made it much easier for subsequent creators/executive producers to produce complex shows. However, a lot of them tried to reproduce the "dark" filmic quality of 1013 shows, but only succeeded in producing episodes where you can't see what's going on!

I tend to take what he says in interviews with a grain of salt. I think he's seen part of his role as showrunner to be out there promoting the show. It always looks like a bit of an act, to me, and it doesn't quite work - unlike, say, Joss Whedon, Chris Carter never seems quite comfortable in that role. He has a lot of talent in many directions, but he's not a good actor!

I think in the future people will look back at the history of TV and see that 1013 shows were very influential in the way TV shows were made - and hence the raising of people's expectations of what good shows should be like.

There are/have been other creators who will also be remembered for the high quality of their work, but there are very few of them.

So, yes, Chris Carter = TV God.

(Besides, he must be a TV God - he chose Lance Henriksen! :clapping: )


"Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Terry Pratchett

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Guest lonegungrrly1121

as for making my three favourite TV shows, he is a god. G.O.D!!

as for actually writing, i think he is a little sick. There are far better writers, such as Spotnitz... I mean, prime CC example, season 5, x files, 'Post-Modern Prometheous' CC writes a funny, light hearted episode about women getting raped and impregnated by a monster... he has a strange view on things IMO.

still can't fault the guy for changing the way TV is produced and catering for the "intelligent" audiences around the world.

(and i will never forgive him for the contrived MSR he rammed down our throats during season 9.. let sleeping dogs lie dammit!! :fool: )

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Guest zombieromero

Yeah I too believe that his writing style is not the best in the world, I think he has a lot of creativity and with some excellent writers with him, Chris can make a masterpiece.

Some of Chris' work is outstanding though.

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