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Few Are Called, And Fewer Are Chosen

The scenario question is in my post below. Would you go to the meeting?  

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You get a call from an unidentified person who asks for you by name. The call display reads Caller Unknown.

The caller refers to you by your name on the Millennium Message Board and indicates they've been reading your posts and based on your insight and creative leaps they wish you to consider becoming a candidate for The Millennium Group.

The caller explains that the Group in the show is an exaggerated portrayal of what they really are. Indeed they do have a division that assists law enforcement, but they are so much more. The battle against evil will be fought on many fronts and not all soldiers need to carry guns.

In order to be considered you need to meet him/her at a public location for lunch which turns out to be nearby so it's convenient.

Would you go to the meeting?


hell yeah, but i go with my .40 Glock in drop holster in back of my pants, and my sub compact springfield 9mm in ankle holster, a true millennium member would expect you to be prepared for anything, including an ambush. Perhaps you have been recognized as a threat by an opposing group of millennium and are going to be "whitewashed" before you can be recruited?hmmmmm always pays to think outside the box.:) back me up here fourth horseman.

"Have I run too far to get home?"

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i'd go, cautiously.

i think MM taught me 'do everything with caution.'

i'd also be interested in the transferrable membership, given i'm in new zealand now (does nz even garner a MM outpost?), will be home for about 2 months this (north american) winter, and back most likely to the southern hemisphere, Australia most likely, for 5 months after that.

so if they want me to dig up anything in, say, germany, it may have to wait.


- nothing, conviently explaining why she hasn't been on board in *months*

oh, and i don't have caller id


this is who we are

we can't just sit back and hope for a happy ending

i couldn't swear it wasn't just an incredibly realistic simulation. not just the scenery, my whole life.

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This was a great poll by Max. Shame only a few have voted!

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I would definitely have to go to the meeting. Although for me it would be a case of proceeding with caution I would be too curious not to attend and knowing me (as I do) I would probally spend the rest of my life regretting the decision if I didn't. I guess the toughest decision for me would be what to have for lunch!!


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