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Guest Sixpence

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Guest Sixpence

I know that I have touched on this before in reference to MM collectibles, but what doesn't someone in the community with some artistic talent, and ability to produce the product make up decals or bumper stickers like this? The specific design "may" be copyright protected, but I don't think that a whole lot of feathers would get ruffled about something this "trivial" commercially speaking. I have been thinking of getting a "similar" design to use as a silk screen. That would be very simple, and one could even make one on their own printer (though I would take it to a shop to get it done). I still fail to grasp how 1013 has let this issue slip by when there is obviously a market for the products that will only increase as more people are able to see the series now that it is on DVD.

6p :ouro:

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while the particular ororborus may be claimed somehow (trademarked, copywriten, i'm not at all sure how these things work) there are hundreds of other ouroboruses available everywhere on the web and in one's imagination. same with the font. i used to have a huge file of them - some in space, some with other designs, some with bridges, etc. they may look more or less accurate, but i'm sure a creative individual could come up with something.

- nothing, wishing she had time to be a 'creative individual' at the moment

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