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The eyes were very significant to Season Three. They are indeed featured in many episodes and show the importance of the gaze and who is watching who. The Group it seems is watching everyone; they are certainly watching Frank and Emma. But evil is also watching, it is primarily on the lookout to tempt Frank as evidenced in episodes like 'Saturn...' and 'Seven and One'. As to their role in 'Saturn'... well, it merely a device to show the evil presence in the house, to give us a focus that suggests the evil is within the house itself and not give away too quickly that it is the boy who is the evil.

I was more interested in whether Jordan's invisible friend was really evil or an early manifestation of an angelic helper. The episode appears to intimate that the friend (Simon) is simply an incarnation of the evil boy trying to throw Jordan off the scent and point the finger of suspicion at the father. However, the eyes clearly show someone standing next to Jordan before she enters the basement. If it isn't the evil force (as it is viewing the scene from across the room) then who is it?

The eyes that continually appear seem to represent the 'things that other people don't see'. Frank, jordan, the seers, the Group et al all look at the world but they see very differently from other people. The man from 'Skull and Bones' sees evil in simple newspaper cuttings, he sees where others do not. The eyes therefore in 'Saturn...' leave us in no doubt that we are seeing through the Devil's eyes.

As to Mabius and his true origins. Hard to say for sure but it seems he was always an evil force IF you listen to Chris Carter. He may have been created with this in mind but it certainly wasn't flagged up if that was the case. 'Seven and One', I'll say again has many merits but doesn't fit with the rest of the Season very easily at all.

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