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Frank Black's Library

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I did a search for Frank's Library and didn't come up with any references. A search for library pulled up a bunch of links but none specifically on Frank's library.

I was wondering if anyone's tried to figure out, and had success with, what books Frank Black has in his library.

We know he has a copy of the Holy Bible - the King James Edition I presume.

There's another book that he consults throughout the series like in Kingdom Come, and Force Majeure. It talks about biblical events, inquisitional practice and is illustrated with woodcut images etc.




I'm looking forward to seeing if anybody else has picked anything up.


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  • Elders (Admins)

I'm fascinated by those reference books of Franks but I remember a topic here a long time ago where it was proved that the book was a mock up. I can't recall how we came to the conclusion, possibly it was screenshots showing several identical pages.

Those books are really interesting though.

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Guest zombieromero

Yeah those books look cool. I wonder if they are real or mocked up as you said Old Man.

Would be a cool Millenniumistic item to have though even if it is fake.

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Guest Frank L.

In the episode "Dead Letters" Frank says he has been reading Dostoyevsky. It's probable that he has some of his books. I'm reading Crime and Punishment currently and searched the online version, but I couldn't find the line Frank was talking about. Frank says: "When I read Dostoyevsky there was a passage, something like: `There's nothing more sad than a life that ends and no one knows or cares.'

I will search the online versions of the other books, see if I can find it.

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  • 1 month later...

hmm... a quick google search doesn't bring up any Dostoyevsky, only MM quotes/transcripts. so it's either not actually a Dostoyevsky quote, or Frank's paraphrazing.

coincidentally, those astrology books which Catherine was searching in luminary were mock-ups. i saw and bid for the artwork on e-bay a few years ago, but unfortunately the price got too high. i would've done almost anything for them.... sigh...

- nothing, now depressed

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