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Who Are Your 2 Fave Millennium Series Characters ?

Guest GBaxter

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Guest chrisnu

Other than Frank, definitely my first choice:

Peter Watts - He's given just as a morally grey character arc as Frank's. He strongly believes in the Millennium Group, and he must believe that they're doing the right thing, even to a fault. That's how people really are.

The Old Man - The quiet warrior. R.G. Armstrong was the right actor to cast. He brings dignity and an air of seasoned authority. His actions can be questionable, but he's trying to look out for the best interests of others.

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Guest Frank L.

1. Frank: Lance Henriksen is Frank Black and Frank Black is Lance Henriksen. Who could ever forget his face and especially his voice. He carries the weight of the world.

2. Lara: For more than one reason, but mostly because Lara was an intelligent, but also very tormented woman. (And like "<O>" already said: Sex on legs...) :tasty:

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