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Harsh Realm -Episode Synopses

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Harsh Realm synopses

179 Pilot (aka Insertion)

Written Chris Carter

Directed by Daniel Sackheim

Original air date:


Army officer Tom Hobbes is sent into a strange virtual reality wargame with the mission to defeat another “player” – General Omar Santiago. Upon his arrival, however, he finds that Santiago is a real person who has commandeered the program, and now he, along with countless other soldiers sent on the same mission, is trapped there. He finds himself reluctantly becoming friends with Mike Pinnochio, another soldier who believes that Hobbes may fulfil a sort of religious prophecy.


101 Leviathan

Written by Chris Carter

Directed by Daniel Sackheim

Original air date: 15 October 1999


Hobbes, Pinnochio and Florence are held captive by a bounty hunter who intends to hand them over to Santiago in return for a way out of Harsh Realm. Meanwhile, Sophie discovers that the military’s story about Hobbes’ death is a lie and tries to find out what has happened to her fiancé.


102 Inga Fossa

Written by Chris Carter

Directed by Bryan Spicer

Original air date: 18 November 1999


Hobbes and Pinnochio meet up with Freddy the Forger, a black-marketeer who helps them obtain the necessary technology to infiltrate Santiago’s central Security building so that Hobbes can use the portal to get back to the real world. But at the last minute he decides to stay and help the people of Harsh Realm, having been persuaded by Inga Fossa, a member of Santiago’s inner circle who seems to have her own agenda.


103 Kein Ausgang

Written by Steven Maeda

Directed by Cliff Bole


Hobbes and Pinnochio encounter a World War II simulation which, due to a programming error, is replaying itself over and over again. There they meet another soldier who had originally been sent to Harsh Realm to kill Santiago and who, along with the two of them, is now trapped in the simulation.


104 Manus Domini

Written by John Shiban

Directed by Tony To

Original air date: 5 May 2000


When Florence leaves for reasons unknown, Hobbes and Pinnochio go looking for her but end up tripping a land mine. Pinnochio loses his leg and is taken in by a group of “healers” similar to Florence, while Hobbes finds himself in a dangerous situation with one of Santiago’s Republican Guard. As the story progresses, all of them are forced to come to terms with the question of whether or not any “higher power” is at work in Harsh Realm.


105 Three Percenters

Written by Frank Spotnitz

Directed by Daniel Sackheim

Original air date: 28 April 2000


Hobbes, Pinnochio and Florence are looking to raid the supplies of a reportedly waylaid army unit of Santiago’s, and instead encounter a non-violent community, which some of the soldiers appear to have joined, where shelter and food are provided in return for laying down one’s weapons. Soon, however, strange events connected to a nearby lake indicate that this community is not what it seems.


106 Reunion

Written by Greg Walker

Directed by Kim Manners

Original air date: 21 April 2000


Hobbes and Pinnochio are taken prisoner and sent to a labour camp affiliated with Santiago’s government. There, Hobbes finds the VC-version of his dying mother. Meanwhile, his mother is dying in the real world as well, with Sophie at her bedside.


107 Cincinnati

Written by Chris carter

Directed by Larry Shaw

Original air date: 12 May 2000


A Native American resistance group establishes a base in Cincinnati in Harsh Realm, and Santiago embarks on a mission to kill their leader. Hobbes, Pinnochio and Florence try to intercept the mission, and both they and the Native American group believe at some point that they’ve killed Santiago, only to discover at the end that the general has been one step ahead of them all along.


108 Camera Obscura

Written by Steven Maeda

Directed by Jeffrey Levy


Hobbes and Pinnochio are hired as personal guards by a man who’s trying to get access to a gold mine near “ground zero” of the nuclear explosion that was the catalyst for Santiago’s rise to power. For some time now, this man and a rival family have been locked in an ongoing standoff near the mine, each taking advice from a priest who can see into the future and manipulates the situation to keep them both there, not wanting to be left alone. As the situation escalates, Hobbes and Pinnochio start to turn against each other.


1Hx10 [1ADC10] Circe

Written: by Mark Rosner

Directed: by Mark Rosner

Airdate: unproduced


Synopsis: Searching for an army to recruit, Hobbes meets up with a woman claiming to be his old lover. Pinocchio senses danger, and Florence finds both a prophecy and a traitor in the Resistance against Santiago.


1Hx11 [1ADC11] Malfunction

Written by: ?

Directed by: ?

Airdate: Unproduced

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