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saw a documentary on a movie coming out called Serenity...........the movie take-off of the series Firefly. They where interviewing fans and talking about it was its cult following and internet fans that got this movie off the ground. So lets keep the faith that MM will become a movie. Be strong MM-Nation

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Guest SouthernCelt

Ahhh...Firefly...one of the best series of its genre ever made! Just like MM though, the fan base just didn't have the numbers to keep it running. They may be saying that it was the fans who drove the movie to be made, and I'm sure that's true to a degree. But I think Joss Whedon's disappointment over the series cancellation before he got Firefly "out of his system" had a lot to do with the movie moving forward. Although Whedon has had his successes with Buffy and Angel, he seemed to have lost interest in those before they finished their runs, maybe because they weren't as much his own as Firefly was. Also, the Firefly cast was a good an assemblage of actors who simply WERE their characters as any I've seen. I've never heard of a single one ever saying they felt uncomfortable in their role.

Just like Chris Carter and some others have done with their series, a lot of mysteries were created in the series mythos in the first few episodes with a promise that so much would be revealed as time went by. But with the series cancellation, fans were left to speculate on a lot of things which created a lot of frustration and occasionally arguments. That's what I like about TIWWA -- a lot of the unresolved mystery of MM is speculated upon and discussed, but no one gets indignant about their explanation being the only logical one.

BTW, for those unfamiliar with Firefly, Serenity was the spacecraft on which most of the series was set and was almost like a silent actor in the show. If you're a fan of shows that do a lot of location shooting, this isn't your series.

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