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Thirteen Years Later

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My comments aren't deep or analytical. I just enjoyed this episode for what it was --a campy spoof on the horror genre. It had some great lines--especially Frank's about being driven insane for the third time in his life! The actors who portrayed the sterotypical horror movie characters did a great job. It really was funny!

I could've done without Kiss though--I never was a fan.

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It was goofy and nonsensical, a little humor injected into a dark season. Every season has one episode that is kind of silly and tongue in cheek. If you look at this episode in that light, it's not so bad. Really I'm a slow person, in that I didnt' know it wasn't Frank Til the very end! They got me! I did think, wow, Frank is really self- centered here, what is this, he's talking to people and it's so weirf doe him to act like that! Then it's the nutbar in the end, LOL!

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While I'm not surprised that a lot of folks don't like the episode (and that's not a knock), I enjoy "...13 Years Later." There isn't a Halloween episode fathomable that could follow up something as brilliant and as well done as "The Curse of Frank Black," especially in light of the events that transpired at the end of Season 2, so we should just stop right there and not even try to compare the two.

"...13 Years Later" is the kind of episode you watch while eating king size candy bars and salty popcorn, all washed down in a gluttonous fashion by your favorite carbonated beverage. It's a funny parody about the humor, ridiculousness, shock, fright and enjoyment we, as horror fans, get out of the genre. I think it's interesting how Michael Perry followed up something like "The Mikado" with a goofier, Darin Morgan-like episode. It's a good, not great, entry, but a worthy addition to the series, and I have to say, even though I wouldn't consider myself a KISS fan, I'm digging the heavy guitar strings and the song they played.

"Welcome to the show!"

Came across this behind the scenes video a week ago. In the interest of time, Lance is interviewed about 20 minutes in:


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I agree. I liked it, though it aged better than it premiered for me. MM was one of only a few shows that could get away with these tonal shifts and it served it well, I thought. You could go from dark, to broody, to thoughtful, to mysterious, to humorous, to campy in a season and it almost always worked. Can't think of any show that does that today, but X-Files did it, too, back then, and it seemed to be a signature Chris Carter TV treatment. 

I loved Mikado. One of my favorite episodes. Met all the conventions for the genre and was new and scary for the times.

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