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"Let us destroy them all..."

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Something occurred to me this morning.  I was getting ready for class, just minding my own business, when suddenly the whole business of the Marburg chickens popped into my head, mainly the dinner scene.  And then I began to picture the MM writers sitting around their office, talking (and perhaps throwing back a few), and mentioning the possible downfall of the show.  And one of them suddenly says

"I know... we must destroy the executives!"

"Ah yes!  Destroy... but how?"

"We must kill them all... with... CHICKENS!"

"And their families too!"

"There will be mighty doom from the chickens!"

All done jokingly, of course, but then sparking them to write an episode around it.  As a reply to myself, I thought, "If it were me, I would've said monkeys."  And after a delay of a few seconds, I remembered that they DID use monkeys.  It never occurred to me that they used the two classically most humorous animals as their harbingers of doom.

Just felt I should share...

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