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Movies That Haunt My Childhood,

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As a young child in the early-to mid 70's i remember the movie trailers that aired late at night. Of course when The Exorcist came on as a preview i ran out of the room but there are some others that i watched that gave me the creeps. One was called Grizzly, Manitou, The Day of the Animals then there was Beyond the Door with Juliet Mills that one line she said still haunts me "Who are you"?. As an adult now i had looked up and found some intresting facts on Beyond the Door. There where 2 unrelated sequels, Warner Brothers sued due to the movie being so much like the Exorcist and the movie was taken out. Since the 70's i have seen Grizzly and Manitou, they where pretty dumb movies made by William Girdler.....the master of the 70's Horror movie

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