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Millennium Boxset Series 1-3 (region 2)

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Guest Delph

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I cannot seem to confirm if the (Region 2) { available in the UK } Millennium Boxset Series 1-3 has the X-Files crossover episode "Millennium" available on it as a Special Feature like the Season 3 release had - Can anyone confirm if this is on the full Boxset Series 1-3?

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Hi! Welcome to TIWWA! :ouro:

Interesting question indeed. I would have thought it should be included but I don't own the set to check. According to the Amazon UK specs it includes:

DVD Features:

•  Special Feature Information:

      °  Order In Chaos Making Millennium Season 1

      °  Chasing The Dragon A Conversation With The Academy Group Featurette

      °  Creating The Logo And Title Sequence Featurette

      °  Eight TV Spots For The Pilot Episode

      °  The Turn Of The Tide Making Of Season 2 Featurette

      °  Academy Group Victimology Featurette

      °  Commentaries

      °  Endgame The Making Of Millennium Season 3 Featurette

      °  Between The Lines Featurette

No mention there of the X-Files crossover.

I know that some members here have told us that they bought it, hopefully one will respond to your topic.



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Guest ZeusFaber

I didn't buy the Complete Series 1-3 boxset, but I did buy them seperately.

The X-Files crossover episode was on Disc 6 of the S3 set, along with "Via Dolorosa", "Goodbye to All That", and the other bonus featurettes.

For the XF episode NOT to be included in the Complete Series 1-3 boxset, they would have to reprint the entire disc to omit it, which I find highly unlikely.

Also, Amazon information is rarely complete or reliable.

You should be fine to get the 1-3 set, complete with The X-Files 7x04.

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I had considered buying the individual UK Versions and Season 3 individually does have the X-Files crossover episode on - Then of course they announced the complete Boxset Series 1-3 which looked even better! HMV's Site for the UK say's it has all the Special Features from the individual releases? So if anyone has the full UK Complete Boxset 1-3 and can CONFIRM that the X-Files crossover is on it as a Special Feature I'll buy that.

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OK - I can now confirm myself that the UK Complete Boxset Seasons 1-3 do have the X-Files crossover episode "Millennium" on them as a Special Feature. 20th Century Fox's own site confirm's this and if anyone themselves want's a copy it's retailing with free postage (presumably in the UK) for the excellent sum of £64.99 at BENSON'SWORLD.CO.UK which I have now purchased myself.

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