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The Machinist

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Guest Frank L.

Wow, I found this topic more than a year after you started it.

Anyway, I loved this movie too. I'd seen some previews and read a lot about it. I was expecting a LOT from it. And it delivered. Christian Bale: what an actor. He lost about 60 pounds for this movie. And for Batman Begins he gained 70 to 80 pounds again. Then he was too big and the crew joked: "are we making Batman or Fatman"? And ofcourse lost weight again and trained like crazy.

There were elements of both Memento and Insomnia, absolutely. They were mostly part of the plot. Feeling you're going crazy, not knowing who or what to believe (Memento) and not being able to sleep (Insomnia). Both films were directed by Christopher Noland, BTW, whom Bale worked with on Batman Begins and on The Prestige and they will work again on The Dark Knight.

I want to see The Machinist again soon, because things are starting to fade and that's the perfect time to watch it again. But I have it on dvd so that won't be a problem.

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I saw this film a month or so ago for the first time. It was enjoyable and Christian Bale was remarkable losing so much weight. My god he was frail!

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