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"Skull & Bones" had great cinematography, and was recognized for it.  Otherwise, it was bottom of the barrel.

Yes, that's why I mentioned it. The quote fails me, but someone called "Skull and Bones" the most stylish bag of hot air they'd seen. I couldn't agree more.

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Guest ZeusFaber
Man, Season One fanatics never fail to confuse me.  I agree that "Dead Letters" is overrated, but "Borrowed Time" is phenomenal, and I have no idea what stands out about "The Innocents". ... Season Two was a much more well-rounded year, to me, although Season Three showed me that it was the whole of the series that counted in the end.


As a S1 fan myself, I would agree that "Dead Letters" is overrated and would also agree that "Borrowed Time" is one of the series best episodes.

However, I think there is a distinction to be made between our favourite episodes and the episodes most likely to win prizes from outside analysts. While "Borrowed Time" was a great story, and featured a great achievement in set construction, I don't think it would be the most likely to win prizes for the multitude of other categories.

Conversely, while "The Innocents" is a bit more of a muddled story, it stands out much more in terms of editing, art direction, and maybe cinematography too.

I'm not sure I would agree with you that S2 was the most well-rounded year, also. I personally found it to be more of a comic-book in comparison to S1, with less subtelty, less striking cinematography, and a more juvenile tone. JMO of course, and I'm not saying it was universally "bad" per se, just not up to what S1 had established and promised.

Mark Snow ought to have got some nods out of such episodes as "Omerta", "Paper Dove", "Lamentation", "Force Majeaur", and "Goodbye to All That".

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I would say it didn't matter which they submitted since almost nothing was nominated to even have a chance of winning where as XFiles often had 2-3 eps nominated in the same year. its a shame really because there were really very few eps from each season that were not worthy of nominations. Such is the fickled hand of fate :wtf:

you can pick your friends... you can pick your nose .... but you can NEVER pick your friend's nose !!


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