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"the Innocents" Screen Captures Up

Guest chrisnu

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Screen captures from "The Innocents" are now up; the shots turned out well, and I hope you enjoy them. Here's the website address to access them:


They can also be accessed at:


I'll leave you with this:


No one stops The Human Chameleon!



You know, I bet you let me on this case just so you have a hottie around, and not just craggy old 50-year-olds, Agent Hot Lips. Baldwin.


No, I just keep ugly people around so I look better. You're barking up the wrong tree, Hollis.



I could recommend a good workout for you, Frank. Get you back to that dapper self whose company we all enjoy.



WOW! FRANK BLACK! I'm Emma Hollis! I'm such a huge fan of your work! I think you're a genius, and I'm honored to be on the same case with you, and I always wanted to be you, while I was in the Academy..."


"...And you never shut up, do you?"



"Frank, I'm Jumping for joy, and giggling with glee, and composing children's sing-a-longs now that you got my computer working again, but I opened that surprise e-mail you sent me, and now my computer doesn't work again. This is all your fault, Frank! EVERYTHING is your fault!"

"This is what I get for having Barney the Purple Dinosaur on Prozac as my boss."



"Don't you ever look outside? I've been out here for five hours, waiting for you to answer the door!"


"Agent Hollis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. For me to cry myself to sleep over as I watch Fried Green Tomatoes and wish I was that plate of ribs."

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