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behind the scenes WILLARD/MM connections...

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.....obviously this is a M&W film but there are  other MM vets involved behind the scenes on this film: DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: (the super freak genius)-ROBERT McLACHLAN-(THE D.P. OF EVERY MM-EP BUT CURSE OF FRANK BLACK)...PRODUCTION DESIGNER: MARK FREEBORN-(also P.D. on MM)...EDITOR: GEORGE R. POTTER-(also an editor MM)      DIRECTOR:GLEN MORGAN...WRITER:GLEN MORGAN...PRODUCER: JAMES WONG...

                                           se7en :ouro:

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In addition, Kim McKamy (ie Ms. Clear Knight in Owls/Roosters), plays the part of Ms Leach in Willard.  Incidently, Ms Leach is also a character who is part of the "opressive system" of the place where Willard works.


"Every painful moment in your life casts a shadow across your neurobiology. Until you exterminate these dark memories, you will remain in a negative groove. Thus, those who cannot forget their past, are condemned to repeat it." -- J. Onan Goopta

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Guest Second Coming

That's really cool of Morgan and  Wong to bring on all those MM people and give them some work.

Also Selfosophy Psycho,

Ashlyn Gere was in the X-files episode "Blood" and was in Morgan and Wong's show "Space Above and Beyond".

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