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Song At The Beginning Of Skull And Bones

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Guest tamarisk

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Since neither the song nor the band is credited it could be an original piece written and performed by someone on the sound/mixing crew.  Even on Closed Caption the words do not appear [ it is listed as 'indistinct'] and anything that is copyrighted comes up on CC.  I have a friend who worked for another BC studio and this was common practice even original art work [ paintings, pottery, jewelry] were used if it fit into the scene.  :jumping:


its also done for commercials...there was some great music for several commercials that i found were done by "in-house" talent..here is a link to a site that identifies the music used in commercials for all companies from A-Z...

www.whatsthatcalled.com - hit the search button then choose the first letter of the company you are looking for...it will produce a list, with the description of the commercial...its not too bad. The song you are looking for seems to be a "ghost"...i have checked french sites, english sites, and the like to no avail...at least for now...

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Hi all,

I've been unable to identify this track from Skull and Bones as mentioned by the topic starter who included some of the audible words.

To this end I've uploaded the scene from Skull and Bones and you can find it here.

Its quite catchy!

The second song that is still unrecognised is from Pest House. You can find the opening scene with the R&B song here. Sounds like Michael McDonald to me! Discussion on finding this track is available in this topic.

Please note that the files are about 4MB in size, so you may need to wait a bit before they start to load.

Mouse over them for playback controls!

Can any help identify these tracks? If we can isolate more words, we may be able to track them down with Google etc.



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Guest Lew Carroll

While I can't identify the track, I'm almost certain (99%) that the music played during the teaser is by The Smashing Pumpkins. I'm not enough of a Pumpkins fan to know the exact track, though.

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Guest Lew Carroll
Thanks Lew! Hopefully this clue will get us on the right path! I'd love to be able to identify this music.

Sure !

After watching "Skull and Bones" on my new DVD set today (which has better audio quality than the online clip), another band also comes to mind: "(My Life With The) Thrill Kill Kult." Again, I don't know the track. To my ears, it could be either of those bands.

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I may be onto something with regards to this unidentified track used at the very beginning of Skull and Bones. 


According to an image taken from the script of this episode that I found on EBay, the music is by Márta Sebestyén who is a Hungarian traditional folk vocalist, composer and actress. Apparently she is a national treasure in Hungary. Her music gained notoriety with the film The English Patient.



The spelling in the script is slightly off, it refers to Marta Sebestyan’s “Muzikas”. 


I haven’t found the track though heard or remixed in Millennium. They seem very unlikely to be connected but perhaps they changed the music from what was in the original script.

Interestingly though, I discovered from her discography that she has partnered with occasional bands such as electronic music legends Deep Forest (2 well loved tracks available on YouTube) and also a band named Muzikas. 

I can’t hear her voice in that scene at all.



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