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.....TO ALL ELDERS AND MEMBERS: i'm proud to report that as of 2/20 TIWWA now has international exposure,with a banner and an interview conducted by the webmaster of "sci-fi fantasy world",which is one of the largest sites of it's kind in the world with an average 500,000 hits per month,with scott-(psycho)-and myself! the interview starts off with a detailed introduction about how this forum came to be followed by a fairly long interview. because of the publication,as it were,of this interview and banner placement we are now "searchable" in the largest search engines in the world like "yahoo","alta vista","google" and "lycos" and to think that "before" this exposure our forum was able to gather an impressive 140 members w/over 2,100 posts!!!      PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK TO READ THE  "SCI-FI-FANTASY WORLD" INTERVIEW AND TO SEE THE BANNER:  SCI FI FANTASY WORLD


                                          ~se7en :ouro:

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Thank you very much Dave and Scott!

BTW, we got listed on Google less than a week before we went live. Sorry I forgot to mention I'd submitted TIWWA to the various engines.

Hopefully some of the existing members have found us from Search Engines and even more will arrive from SFF World.

Thanks again to both of you for all your hard work, both on and off the site!

The Group thanks you.




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Just for information, you may notice after visiting the link for SFFWorld that a 'Pop Up' advertising window appears several minutes after returning to TIWWA and closing any SFFWorld windows.

I just wanted to clarify that the 'Advert Pop-Up' is spawned from SFFWorld, not TIWWA.

My policy for TIWWA and MDUK, it's host remains the same... no advertising pop-ups or adverts.


Graham. :ouro:

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Hooorah!  Yes, sffworld gets about 300,000 hits per month, so I would say that new members finding us is a good possibility!

I have to give a little story about how this article came about...  Yes, it involves a Deal with the Psycho who will dubb for TIWWA exposure anytime!  I had previously been video trading with one of the managers of the sffworld site, during the time that the other Elders and I were creating/designing/building TIWWA last year.  I had already dubbed one season of MLM for him in return for dubbing a weekly air program (Harsh Realm) directly off the Space Channel in Canada.

At one point he was desparately seeking new and innovative ways of coaxing more episodes of MLM out of me.  He mentioned his involvement with the site and that he might be able to get some exposure for us there in return for some more episodes of MLM.  To say the least, I was estactic about the possibilities!  So, I asked about the possibility of a banner and article being posted at the sffworld.  The manager I was working with was more than willing to find out what the site owner thought, etc.

Well, the rest is history!  Once the manager got back to me, Graham got to work on the banner (multiple versions, before it was all said and done), and Dave and I got to work of the interview questions/article.  Many many thanks to sffworld and to the manager and owner of sffworld.  As a matter of fact, the manager that I was dealing with is now a member at TIWWA.  I will not break his anonymity if he wishes to maintain it, but I hope he will chime in here for his well deserved apreciations and applause for helping us out!

In the end, for getting all this exposure for TIWWA, I dubbed him an entire season of MLM!  I would have dubbed 2 season for him in return for his efforts, but he had already purchased the other season that he had needed.  At any rate, the dubbs were well deserved.  Again, many thanks to sffworld and this anonymous manager for giving us the opportunity to be exposed to the world!

Don't you love what fans will do for episodes of MLM!    :devil:



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Thanks, Raven!  That's the kind of member exposure I'd like to see more of.  Fans putting the link up on their various sights.  I mean, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't mind the larger exposures either, like the one we got with Sci Fi & Fantasy World.  But, there is something about the grassroots MLM fandom spreading the word that is special to me, or seems appropriate.
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