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I think the purpose of the vision in "Exegesis" is to awnser Frank's fears about the future that the Group gave him. In the recap aired before the premiere of what happened last season, there is the scene where Frank tells Catherine he cannot leave the Group until he "knows what the future will bring. I think that is it's purpose, to awnser that question. Frank seems to rid himself of the the Group mentality about the future and prophecy and adopt a new one.

Stranger, I do indeed agree with your assertion here. As I mentioned earlier, I see the brilliance of MM as creating two reverberating elements in that there is the linear or 'plot' meaning (as you suggest above)--call it the direct element--and the more broad and more probing idea of the human condition. This secondary yet for me more important element can be summed up by the quote I provided from the director of 21 grams that "we are all floating in an immense universe of circumstances, neither good nor bad..." In this sense, the future is dictated (and here evil too) by lawful (read not unlawful) yet seemingly random events. I speak of lawfulness from the idea of dynamical systems I presented in a separate thread. This idea is most aptly expressed by Watts in MNOC in which he speaks of possible futures existing like branches on a tree. Of course you have the direct element in re: the MM group, but you also have a much deeper, more profound reference to Waddington's epigentic principle and Bowlby's ideas of developmental pathways as shaping personality. I guess given my background it is no surprise that I see it this way aside from the direct componet. And this is what is so precious for me is that there is coherence at the psychological level to this series for the most part. The gravity of the show's tone is key in propogating this. Indeed, it was those episodes that diverted from this gravity that often agitated me. Interestingly, Klea Scott mentions in SIII 'making of' that she wished that would have done more of this (move away from the grave undertone)...I disagree strongly. Nonetheless, based on the first two episodes I have viewed, I do find her an excellent fit for Frank's partner.


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Guest fledgling666
That's the woman from "The Innocents" teaser who is afraid to bring down the plane. And Carter didn't write either episodes. :wtf:

My question is what does this mean?



it means "the road" in spanish. very simply applied to a great many things in the show: VIA DOLOROSA- "the painful way[road]," etc.

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