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Taxidermy in the 22nd Century

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Between my other web activities this evening, I caught a very brief glimpse of Enterprise!  And there, as an alien commander/leader of some sort, was "our very own" (in the XFs/MLM crossover sense...) Taxidermist from the XFs "Millennium" episode!  I didn't see anymore of the episode than that, but I was wondering if he ever pulled any Kosher salt from his pockets to protect him from the annoyingly clean cut Federation personell!   :laugh:

Also, I finally saw the KIA commercial he appears in!  Extremely funny ending of the commercial!  "... So we hogged tied the accountant, and threw him in a closet..."

He really is an interesting looking person, has a peculiar quality to his voice, I always thought.  I definitely think he would be great in some more commical things.  Does anyone know what else he has appeared it?  I don't have much time to web-snoop lately or I would check it out for myself.



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Indeed, my guest star radar went off very shortly into "Canamar," this particular Enterprise episode.  At least four of the guest stars in this episode had appeared on The X-Files previously.
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