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Music For Millennium

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Guest fledgling666

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Guest fledgling666

ok, i KNOW there was a discussion about songs and whatnot that we would have liked to hear in a Millennium episode somewhere on this board, but i can't find it, so, i'm starting this one.

here is a list of songs, some with the episode i would have like to hear that song in, in no particular order.

"Run" by Snowpatrol - "Goodbye To All That."

"Mad World" by Michael Andrews - anytime, but preferrably in a slower moment in any episode.

"And She Closed Her Eyes" by Stina Nordenstam - any sad moment.

"Midlife Crisis" by Faith No More

"Clincher" by Chevelle

"Flowers" by Godflesh (remix of "Don't Bring Me Flowers" also by Godflesh)

"Burn" by Josh Todd (ex-singer of Buck Cherry)

"Georgia Lee, The World Died Screaming, That Feel" plus many, many more by Tom Waits

"Chelsea Hotel, If It Be Your Will, Everybody Knows" and more by Leonard Cohen

"Sad Mafioso" and others by Godspeed You Black Emperor

a few that would be too obvious, i think are:

"One" by U2

and, unfortunately:

"Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star

due to being overplayed.

also found something sound a bit odd, but might be a good choice. never heard of it before, but i'm usually a bit narrow-minded when it comes to music:

"Svefn-G-Englar" by Sigur Ros

now that i've listed a vastly different array of music for your perusal, i have to make a disclaimer:

i don't necessarily like all this stuff. i like some of it and i semi-like some of the rest, but there are some in here i'd never admit to liking, and would say i don't like as a whole, but maybe find one small measure to be pleasing, or invoke an emotion i find to be congruous with the show and what it invoked in me.

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Guest fledgling666

sorry, adding a few before it even gets a response.........

"Sistinas, When Death Had No Name and At The End Of Time" by Danzig

"Human Pony Girl" by Samhain

"Shadow on the Sun" by Audioslave

"Hurt" by Johnny Cash (originally recorded by NIN)

and i really wish i could include a Helmet song, but nothing really fits with the tone of the show. ps- i know some of these were written and recorded after the show was done, but they'd still be great in it......

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Thank you. I kept hearing this old song on the radio, and it was just so freaking obvious that it should have been on a Millennium episode it's pathetic, but I couldn't find the thread you were looking for either.

Here it is....

"Murder by Numbers", by (I think) Sting & the Police. :fraghim:

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ok, so i may be a *bit* biased, but i think 'overcome' by live could've worked, maybe in a contemplative!Frank slow, almost surreal, motion as he's driving to get Jordan in GTAT. probably the first verse, not the chorous and definately not the end of the song.

hmm, i'd never thought of that before.

maybe 'close your eyes' or something else by nineh cherry, somewhere else.

hmm, some more plotbunnies i *really* don't need right now - not that i mind.

- nothing, off to ... crap, i totally forgot the witty thing i was going to put here

aah yes - nothing, sorry Jordan's musical tastes were limited to "... am i sexual? yeah..."

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Guest Frank L.

For the teaser of "The Beginning and The End", "The Devil's Triangle" by King Crimson. When listening to it, imagine Frank Blacks voice-over. You should listen to it with headphones and put your volume high, because the beginning of the song is soft. This is a recommendation for all MM fans, 'cause in this song you can almost HEAR the apocalypse. The beginning of the song feels like heaven, the rest... just listen for yourself.

P.S. The song was inspired by "Mars: The Bringer Of War" by Edgar Holst. So somebody who likes classical music might recognise parts of it.

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