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Guest teotwawki

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Guest teotwawki

I've loved and misliked several episodes out of each season. When the show was originally running on Fox, there were many times I skipped out of work to go home and watch it with a friend of mine -- I'd never been hooked on tv like that, before or since. I remember a Hallowe'en episode, "The Curse of Frank Black" that made this silly addiction well worth it. Other episodes I would watch made me wonder how anyone could waste their time with such crap. I hate to say it in such a manner, but there it is.

"Loin" from first season, wasn't my favorite -- mostly due to gross innaccuracies about Boulder, Colorado (where I was living at the time) -- like the wrong school colors. But maybe that's just picking nits. "Blood Relatives" didn't do much for me either. "Force Majeure" seemed, in the hindsight of a later season, as a set up for the opening of third season, but I might have missed any overt reference to this, which would have made a nince trilogy of episodes good, instead of having all three seem woefully obscure and pedantic about cloning. "Wild & Innocent" is really my least favorite of the first two seasons. The formula plot-line is glaring and bordering on stupid for me.

My favorites: "The Judge" (mostly for the set up of the entire theme of the series], ""Lamentation", "Powers, Principalities, Thrones & Dominions", and "Maranatha" (which may well be my favorite episode of the series) -- I wished the Anti-Christ had been revisited in a later show.

I liked second season a lot. Even the two silly episodes of "Jose Chung" & "Satan Got Behind Me". If I disliked anything, it was the handling of the last episode. Great set up in "Fourth Horsemen", poor execution -- pardon the pun -- on the following episode. My favorites in second season are "Curse", "Midnight of the Century", and "Mikado" (which Dee Snyder's Strangeland wanted to be, and almost was).

Third Season. If... that is: IF ... you forget the way the second season ended, the third season starts off fairly well. After dragging through the opening story arc, it picks up quickly, and has some really good episodes. "Closure" and "Essence" are mediocre, but nothing as bad as several others, the way I see it. I liked "Omerta", dispite its lack of showing much about the girls. Several epsiodes were ruined by the writing and/or directing, or the treatment of stereotypes. "Matryoshka" & "Forcing the End", I'm looking in your direction. The characters act like they are idiots, and Agent Baldwin, whom, I guess, we are meant to love hating, acts and is treated like a spoiled child, instead of an investigative agent. It gets boring. These two story lines are excellent, but are lost in their treatment. "Darwin's Eye" was painful to see. :p The rest of the season is difficult to comment upon, as it seems like a) they coasted out the rest of the series, and b) knowing the end is not going to wrap anything into a satisfying package is easy to see, watching on DVD. They tales are good, but everything is left dangling...

I think "Sound of Snow" is surprisingly good, "Collateral Damage" is very interesting, and "Saturn/Mercury" could be my favorite of the season, for its focus on Jordan, and the way "evil" hides and disguises itself among its surroundings.

Overall, I thought that if Morgan/Wong could have worked with Carter and Johannessen throughout the series, all three seasons would have been great, and the show would have been a nice cycle of powerful stories of the weird, occult, and dark psyche of human consciousness.

Like a snake devouring its own tale. (sic)

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Guest noonien soong

I just finished watching the last 4 Episodes on Season 3, and it ended a bit different than I imagined. I thought there would be a great gap, where the next Season should have taken over and wrapped it up completely, but instead it ended in a fair way (well, fair enough), with closing elements I could be pleased with, if it wasnt for the X-Files Episode with the cross over.

Ofcouse there is no doubt that a 4th Season would have been better, but given the fact that I had imagined something completely different, with a lot more plot holes and open endings than this, I am fairly happy.

About the silly Epsiodes, I really hated them in X-Files, and I've always like Millennium for not having many of those. The Jose Chung was way too silly for me, and I had to actually turn it off half way through, but Satan Got Behind Me was an excellent Episode, and one of my favorites! I liked the humor a lot, and also the story linking them all together with Frank Black. Excellent stuff.

Overall, after watching all of the Episodes of Millennium, I can say that there has not been many times where I didnt like what I saw. Some where better than others, no doubt, but in the end they all had good stories and explanations to them. But I have only watched every Episode one time, so maybe my oppinion will change on that subject when I watch them a second time, hehe

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As an aside, just completed Human Essence.......and while although not a gem of the series, certainly much better than Jose Chung or 13 years.

A thought expressed by William James in 1902 and quoted by Wells deserves renewed attention: [Cleckley, 1988 5th edition]

Yonder puny fellow however, whom everyone can beat suffers no chagrin about it, for he has long ago abandoned the attempt to “carry that line,” as the merchants say, of Self at all. With no attempt there can be no failure; with no failure, no humiliation. So our self-feeling in this world depends entirely on what we back ourselves to be and do. It is determined by the ratio of our actualities to our supposed potentialities; a fraction of which our pretensions are the denominator and the numerator our success: thus, self-esteem = Success/Pretensions. Such a fraction may be increased as well by diminishing the denominator as by increasing the numerator. To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them gratified; and where disappointment is incessant and the struggle unending, this is what men will always do. The history of evangelical theology, with its conviction of sin, its self-despair, and its abandonment of salvation by works, is the deepest of all possible examples, but we meet others in every walk of life….How pleasant is the day when we give up striving to be young—or slender! Thank God! We say, those illusions are gone. Everything added to the self is a burden as well as a pride.

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