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308 Omerta

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308 Omerta

[MLM-308 (3ABC08)]

Written by Michael R. Perry

Directed by Ken Fink

Edited by James Coblentz

Air date: 18 December 1998

[Transcribed by Libby]

[in this episode, the double drum beat is replaced by double sleigh-bells.]

[A pine forest. Day.]

DECEMBER 20, 1989

[Four men walk through the forest. The first man, Eddie, has his hands tied behind his back. The others, Boney, Paulo and Donny, carry handguns and share and hip flask. The three are singing a Christmas song. They stop. Eddie faces the other three.]

PAULO: Maybe here's OK.

EDDIE: How do I look?

BONEY: Good, good.

DONNY: You look good, Eddie.

EDDIE: You remember when we was just four mooks, we was boosting hubcaps, trying to be big men on the block.

PAULO: Yeah, Eddie, that was great.

EDDIE: We was da four.

DONNY: Unstoppable.

EDDIE: We didn't need no Santo. He needed us. We did everything together.

PAULO: Yeah, but, Eddie. You banged Santo's wife up by your lonesome.

BONEY: Eddie, I got you a present. I was saving it for you. I know it's your favorite.

[He takes out a bottle and pours some liquid into a glass. He puts the glass to Eddie's mouth. Eddie savors the drink.]

EDDIE: You're gonna be OK, Boney. Oh, this is good grappa. Let me hold the glass.

[boney backs away. He nods to Balding Man who goes over and unties Eddie's hands. Boney hands Eddie the glass.]

EDDIE: To the best bunch of guys I ever knew. Salut!


[Eddie drains the glass and throws it to Boney. He turns around and falls to his knees.]

EDDIE: Remember. Below the neck and above the belt. And don't hold back on account it's me.

[The three hesitate.]

EDDIE: Come on already!

PAULO: Ah, hell.

[Gunshots ring out. Eddie is hit several times. He falls to the ground. Behind them, in the trees, they are being watched.]

PAULO: Let's get outta here.

[They walk away.]

[Later. The unseen watcher, a woman, kneels by Eddie. As she looks around, her breath forms mist in the air. There is no breath coming from Eddie. She starts dragging Eddie's body away.]

[main titles]

[A calendar - a snow scene, a wooden shack against pine trees, stars in the night sky. The date showing is December 21st.]

[A store with Christmas gifts. Frank and Jordan are shopping. Jordan sees a woman and a little girl, looking a lot like Catherine and Jordan, at a nearby counter. Jordan is upset and Frank notices this.]

FRANK: What? Sweetie.

[Frank then sees what Jordan's looking at.]

FRANK: Listen, it's OK to feel that. I miss Mummy too. Let's go get you something nice.

[They walk on through the store and Jordan notices some nail polish.]

JORDAN: This is exactly the nail polish I bought last year.

FRANK: Let's get some more.

JORDAN: It was a gift for Mummy. It's still wrapped up at home.

[Frank picks Jordan up and sits her on the counter.]

JORDAN: I hate Christmas. And my arm's broke. And I just want Mummy back.

FRANK: Yes, sweetheart. It's OK.

[Jordan plays with Frank's tie, which has Christmas trees on it.]

FRANK: Let's go somewhere for Christmas. Go on a vacation. Mm? Get away from all this stuff.


[Frank smiles.]

FRANK: Come on.

[Frank lifts Jordan down and they walk off, Frank giving a brief backwards glance at the nail polish.]

[Later. Frank and Jordan driving through a small town, Coker Creek, past the Sheriff's Office building which is decorated with Christmas lights.]

JORDAN: I like it.

FRANK: I had a feeling you might.

[Jordan spots a statue.]

JORDAN: Who's that? Is that him?

FRANK: Yup. That's Little Foot.

JORDAN: I want to see him.

FRANK: You just did.

JORDAN: No, I mean the real one.

[in her excitement, Jordan manages to hit herself with her plastered arm.]


FRANK: Careful.

[Jordan spots something else.]

JORDAN: What's that?

FRANK: A naked man.

JORDAN. Ewww. Gross.

[The man is wearing nothing but the coat Eddie was wearing in the opening scene, though he has it on backwards – a little less indecent. A police car, lights and sirens, heads in the direction of the man.]

FRANK: Looks like they have it under control.

[The man is walking past some kids who are laughing at him. The police car draws up.]

SHERIFF: You kids go on inside now. Nothing to see here.


SHERIFF: [to man] Hey pal, how're you doing?

MAN: Good, real good. Thanks.

SHERIFF: Up against the car. Hands where I can see them.

[The Sheriff pats him down.]

SHERIFF: You want to tell me who got shot wearing that overcoat?

[Hotel. Very pleasant, friendly place. Frank carries Jordan down the stairs to the lobby.]

FRONT DESK CLERK: How's the room? Got enough firewood?

FRANK: Yeah. It's nice, thank you. Very nice.

[Frank has put Jordan down, and she's run over to a small figure of Little Foot standing on the reception counter.]

JORDAN: It's Little Foot any relation to Big Foot?

FRONT DESK CLERK: Big difference between Little Foot and Big Foot is Little Foot's real.

JORDAN: I want to see him.

[The front desk clerk checks her watch.]

FRONT DESK CLERK: Expedition leaves in about five minutes. They're meeting over by the front door. He usually lets kids see him, but not adults.

JORDAN: Can I go, Daddy?

FRANK: Yeah, of course.

JORDAN: Thanks, then, bye.

FRANK: Bye. Hey.

[Jordan runs back to collect her jacket.]

JORDAN: Oh. Thank you. Bye.


[The Sheriff approaches Frank.]

SHERIFF: Mr. Black? Sheriff Earl Parker. Coker Creek law enforcement's honored to have a man of your reputation here.

FRANK: Thank you. It's a nice town.

[Frank turns away, but the Sheriff follows him.]

SHERIFF: Especially since I got something I sure could use some advice on.

FRANK: I'm here with my daughter, Sheriff.

SHERIFF: Just ten minutes of your time, sir. While your daughter's chasing Little Foot. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

[The Sheriff's office, which is decorated inside with Christmas lights. The Sheriff unlocks the door to the cells. Frank enters, holding the coat. Al Ryan is sitting on the bunk.]

FRANK: Mr. Ryan. The Sheriff was hoping you could tell us whose coat you were wearing. Sixteen bullet holes judging from the power residue were shot at very close range. What happened?

[Frank has put the coat over Ryan's knees.]

RYAN: What happened is I was hunting deer way up in the Yucca Flaw Forest.

[scene showing Ryan with the deer in his sights.]

RYAN: [voice over] I tracked this beautiful blacktail deer pretty far in.

[scene of Ryan about to shoot. Ryan: Merry Christmas.]

RYAN: I should mention I know now that hunting's wrong. Especially out of season.

FRANK: Mr. Ryan. What happened?

RYAN: I was attacked by a wolf.

[scene of Ryan being attacked.]

RYAN: Fatally.

SHERIFF: What are you saying? You died?

RYAN: I felt death move into my body. None of your Shirley MacLaine "head towards the light" crap, either. You just get real cold.

[scene of Ryan lying on the ground, blood on his face and a wound to his neck.]

FRANK: Mm mm. Well, you look fine.

RYAN: Sure. 'cos after the cold - [he leans back against the wall] - that's when the weird part happened.

[scene: Many lighted candles. Ryan lying semi-naked on blankets.]

RYAN: I opened my eyes and I'm in some kind of cave, I guess. I'm still cold but I'm not dead any more.

[scene: Hands hover over Ryan's neck wound.]

RYAN: It was filled with this feminine energy. I know that sounds all New-Agey, but that's what it was. Feminine energy. I tried to get up but it held me down.

SHERIFF: The feminine energy.

RYAN: Yeah. To tell you the truth, best I ever felt.

FRANK: This feminine presence. Did it say anything?

[Frank sits on the bunk beside Ryan.]



RYAN: Well, maybe. Yeah, now that I think of it, there was this voice says -

EDDIE'S VOICE: How'd the Yankees make out?

[scene: Ryan looks over and sees a long-haired figure in a dark corner of the cave.]

FRANK: This feminine presence asked you how the Yankees did.

RYAN: Yeah.

FRANK: And what did you say?

RYAN: I told it they swept the Padres in four.

FRANK: And where did the coat come from, Al?

RYAN: I don't know.


RYAN: I don't know.

[Frank and the Sheriff exchange a look.]

[Forest. Ryan is leading the Sheriff, Frank and deputies.]

RYAN: This is it. See? I was way off the beaten path. The deer was over there? I walked towards - oh my god. There it is. It happened right there.

[They walk over to where blood-stained clothing, in tatters, lies on the ground.]

FRANK: This is the kill zone.

SHERIFF: Hold him.

[One of the deputies prevents Ryan getting any closer. Frank picks up a torn wallet and opens it.]

FRANK: The teeth marks. The money left behind.

[The ID inside the wallet as Ryan's photo on it.]

SHERIFF: That's him.

FRANK: It's probably an animal attack.

SHERIFF: There's not a scratch on him.

RYAN: But I was here, like I said!

FRANK: Someone dragged the body up that way.

RYAN: That was me! My body!

[Frank sees a figure running through the trees.]

FRANK: Someone's up there.

[Frank runs after the figure - a man, balding on top of his head, long hair and beard. The man trips, but picks himself up and runs off, Frank and the Sheriff following. The man trips again and falls. Frank and the Sheriff catch up with him. It's Eddie.]

SHERIFF: Don't move, Little Foot, or whoever you are, you're under arrest.

EDDIE: I didn't do anything. Police brutality! Police brutality! I'm gonna sue. Police brutality! Police brutality!

SHERIFF: Shut up.

[Frank and the Sheriff march Eddie away, as he continues to shout "Police brutality!".]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Calendar showing December 22nd. Hotel lobby. Jordan and other kids sit playing at a table. Frank is sat in an armchair in an adjoining room reading a newspaper. Hollis enters the lobby with two other people. She speaks to them briefly and then goes over to Jordan.]

HOLLIS: Hey Jordan.


[Frank gets up.]

HOLLIS: Merry Christmas, Frank.

FRANK: Merry Christmas.

[Frank and Hollis walk off to the side to talk.]

FRANK: Tell me about the man we found, Eddie Giannini.

HOLLIS: Santo family hitman. You don't know his reputation?

FRANK: I don't know much about organized crime.

HOLLIS: Eddie "Scarpino" Giannini. He was a top assassin for the Santo crime organization. Fifty-one notches in his belt. He was supposed to be dead, gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

[Hollis shows Frank a photograph.]

HOLLIS: These three men confessed to the murder. They've been doing time.

FRANK: So what now? Do they walk?

HOLLIS: Already released. But it gets worse than that. They're confessions brought down the Santo crime organization. Everything unravels now that he's alive. The Bureau is in full panic mode. They've got all their first string organized crime agents assigned to this.

FRANK: What does "Scarpino" mean?

HOLLIS: Small shoes. It's an insulting reference to his tiny, uh, feet. [Frank and Hollis smile.] See you over there.

[Hollis leaves. Frank walks over to the table where Jordan and the other children had been playing. He sits on a chair with a sigh. Then he notices something in a rather crumpled paper bag on the table. He picks it up and takes from it a small package wrapped in Christmas paper. He opens the gift tag, it reads "Merry Christmas Mommy, love Jordan". The Christmas wrapping is partly open and he slides out the gift - nail polish. He looks over at Jordan who is with the other kids by the Christmas tree. He puts the package back on the table and leans his head back against the wall.]

[sheriff's Office building. Inside, the Sheriff's office is also decorated with Christmas lights. Frank enters. Hollis, the Sheriff and another man are there.]

HOLLIS: Mr. Black. This is Jonathan Polgreen, lead prosecutor on the original Santo family case.

POLGREEN: You're the one that brought Eddie in, right?

[Frank and Polgreen shake hands.]

FRANK: Yes I am.

POLGREEN: I spent years on this case. Always imagined what it would be like to talk to Scarpino. This is going to be fun.

[He snaps shut his briefcase and leaves. The other follow.]

[Main office. Eddie runs his hand over his newly-shaven face, smiling. His hair is now cut short. Polgreen goes over to where Eddie is sat at a table. Frank and Hollis observe from nearby.]

EDDIE: I'm really looking forward to this.

POLGREEN: Don't get smart with me, Eddie.

EDDIE: No, really I am.

[Polgreen places some photographs on the table.]

POLGREEN: You recognize these people?

EDDIE: Sure. This is Fat Sal and this is Benny the mechanic, right? Fat Sal was a hell of a singer. He might have played at lounges or even the big room if his luck had broken the other way. And the Mechanic I didn't know too well, but he seemed like a decent guy.

POLGREEN: Who killed them?

EDDIE: Me. I shot both of them. [serious now] I mean, I realize now how wrong that was, but unfortunately that's what happened. What else you wanna know?

POLGREEN: Your friends pinned fifty-one murders on you.

EDDIE: Ha! Those guys! It's more like twenty-seven. I made a list for you.

[He pulls a folded piece of paper out from his shirt pocket. Nearby, Frank seems uncertain, or something.]

EDDIE: I apologise in advance about the spelling.

POLGREEN: Has he been mirandized?

SHERIFF: Several times.

POLGREEN: And you don't want a lawyer?

EDDIE: He would just tell me to keep my mouth shut.

POLGREEN: Vincente Santo ordered these executions, didn't he?

EDDIE: I take personal responsibility for what I've done. I don't want to bring Santo or anybody into this.

POLGREEN: What's your ruse, Eddie?

EDDIE: A ruse is if I said I was in church saying my prayers. I'm trying to help you out here, capeesh?

POLGREEN: You faked your own death. Three wise guys plea-bargain to a single murder charge - yours - in exchange for testimony which let us put away Santo and his top soldiers. But then you re-appear, the whole case falls apart, and that's how Santo and all his soldiers get out of prison.

EDDIE: You see, this here is why no-one co-operates with law enforcement!

FRANK: Do you realize that these crimes lead directly to the death penalty?

[Frank goes over and sits down at the table.]

EDDIE: There are worse things than that.

FRANK: There are? [pause] Where have you been for the last nine years?

EDDIE: Vegas, Hawaii, bunch of places.

FRANK: [quietly] Where have you been?

EDDIE: Nowhere.

[Hollis nods to the Sheriff, indicating that they should leave. They do so, Polgreen following.]

[Frank and Eddie are now sitting closer together.]

FRANK: Eddie. Do you mind if I call you Eddie?

EDDIE: Just don't call me Scarpino.

FRANK: Eddie, what about your overcoat?

EDDIE: What overcoat?

FRANK: The one with the sixteen bullet holes in it. According to our labs, it's covered with your blood type. And the man we found wearing it, who led us to you.

EDDIE: Look, I thought we were going to talk about all the citizens that I killed.

FRANK: He said he was mauled by a wolf. But, like you, he looks in really good shape.

EDDIE: Well, that's crazy.

FRANK: What's in the woods, Eddie? Come on.

EDDIE: Don't go there. It's got nothing to do with anything. You go there, you're going to regret it.

FRANK: What have you done? What have you done? [whispers] What have you done?

EDDIE: [whispers] It's not about me. It's not about Santo. I'm trying to protect something.

[Later. In the forest - Frank and Hollis.]

FRANK: Eddie tried to steer us away.

HOLLIS: He let himself be caught.

FRANK: Under the guise of Little Foot. He tried to draw us away from something he didn't want us to see.

[A short distance away, there's hazy smoke drifting among the trees.]

FRANK: What does that look like to you?

HOLLIS: Let's take a look.

[They walk over to a slight rise and examine an area at the base of a tree. Hollis switches on her flashlight and hands it to Frank.]

HOLLIS: Is it some kind of entrance?

[Frank eases his way into a gap in the ground, into a cave-like area. He shines the flashlight around. There are symbols painted on the walls and ceiling of the cave. There are many lighted candles. A couple of people are caught in the flashlight beam and scurry away. Frank speaks to them gently.]


[He moves more towards them.]

FRANK: It's over now.

[Frank moves further into the cave and the flashlight illuminates two women, Lhasa and Rose, who clutch each other and scream. Frank backs away.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Calendar shows December 23rd.]

[Coker Creek Clinic. Inside, Lhasa is fascinated by the venetian blinds over the inside window of a room. She notices a woman, Carol, sat on a chair just outside. That woman has bruises on her face. In the corridor outside, Hollis walks up to Frank.]

HOLLIS: Their fingerprints aren't in the system. Put their photos in the missing persons database but there's no match there either. It's like they never existed. They say anything yet?

FRANK: No. Dr Rice says that they're in extremely good health, even psychologically so far as he can tell. They just seemed to have lost the ability to speak.

HOLLIS: Could they be refusing to talk?

FRANK: Faking it? Maybe. There have been a handful of cases where otherwise intelligent people have lost the ability for language. Children who were denied human contact.

HOLLIS: Raised by wolves.

FRANK: Usually extreme neglect.

[The lights are dimming and brightening - in the room, Rose has discovered the light switches. Hollis goes into the room. Frank sees that Lhasa is now sitting next to Carol, the woman with the bruised face. Lhasa moves her hands over Carol's face; Carol is disconcerted by this. Then Lhasa claps her hands, startling Carol and runs off, giggling. Frank stares at Carol, her face now clear, as she gets up and walks off. Hollis comes out of the room.]

HOLLIS: What happened?

FRANK: I'm not sure.

[in the room, Frank hands Hollis a photo of Eddie.]


HOLLIS: Excuse me ladies. Ladies. Do you know this man?

[she holds out Eddie's photo.]

LHASA: Why it's Eddie! Eddie!

[Rose takes a little longer to recognize the photo, but then joins in, both exclaiming "Eddie!" several times.]

HOLLIS: We're on a roll.

[Lhasa takes the rest of the photos out of Frank's hand. One of the photos is of the three men.]

ROSE: Whack Eddie!

LHASA: Whack Eddie!

FRANK: You saw that? You saw these men kill Eddie?

ROSE: Lhasa fix Eddie.

[Rose uses gestures to demonstrate. Lhasa is busily using pen and paper.]

HOLLIS: Her name is Lhasa?

ROSE: Lhasa.

[Rose points to Lhasa.]

ROSE: Rose.

[Rose points to herself and signals with her hands, putting her wrists together, then swivelling her hands with the fingers opened upwards, as if to represent a flower.]

FRANK: This is Emma, this is Frank, Dr Rice.

ROSE: Emma.

[she puts her hands either side of her face - a gesture that seems to signify a beautiful face. Hollis nods and smiles.]

ROSE: Frank.

[Rose pronounces this as "Fwank" and begins a gesture, but Frank's attention is on Lhasa who has been drawing frantically - lots of Xs and other symbols. Rose notices this also. Lhasa puts down the pen and hands the paper to Frank.]

FRANK: That's nice.

[Lhasa taps on the drawing, then gestures, fingers pointing upwards.]

[Later. Sheriff's office. Hollis is comparing Lhasa's drawing with a photo of the night sky.]

HOLLIS: Her drawing is incredibly accurate. If this is Jupiter and this is the moon, and this is Mars, then this is the sky that appeared sometime between December 13th and December 23rd 1989.

FRANK: Paolo Caprice testified they shot Eddie December 20th that year.

HOLLIS: Well, she drew this in twenty seconds from memory. What do you suppose they are?

[Frank doesn't respond, then gestures that he doesn't know.]

HOLLIS: You have some idea, though, don't you.

[Polgreen has joined them.]

POLGREEN: To begin with, they're great witnesses.

HOLLIS: To what? No-one is dead.

POLGREEN: Attempted murder. Conspiracy to commit murder. I spent five years of my life bringing down the Santo family. I'm not going to let that fall apart because Eddie Giannini turns up alive.

FRANK: They can't be witnesses, they can barely speak.

POLGREEN: "Yes and no" - that's all I need.

FRANK: They've had almost no contact with civilization.

POLGREEN: I'll get them a social worker.

FRANK: You'll destroy them.

POLGREEN: They'll be fine.

FRANK: They will, huh? Does Eddie know about this?

HOLLIS: He's gone.

FRANK: What?

POLGREEN: We had some delays in filing the murder charges because the cases were already cleared. They were holding him on a vagrancy charge in the meantime. Keep me in the loop from now on, Agent Hollis. Is that clear?

HOLLIS: Yes, sir.

[Polgreen walks off.]

FRANK: What happened?

HOLLIS: A local judge didn't know the whole story and set bail. Eddie's probably a million miles away by now.

FRANK: He's been trying to protect something. That hasn't changed.

[Frank leaves.]

[Later. Forest. Frank goes back to the cave. Inside, Eddie is burning papers.]

FRANK: Scarpino.

EDDIE: What did I say about calling me that!

FRANK: What are you destroying?

EDDIE: I don't want anyone to make a link between them and my old life.

FRANK: You're protecting Lhasa and Rose.

EDDIE: They told you their names?

FRANK: Yeah.

EDDIE: So, they've been talking, huh?

FRANK: Yeah.

EDDIE: Well, their lives are over. You know what happens when you talk about the mob? Look, she, she saved me. Lhasa did. I was dead. I was worse than dead. She brought me back.

FRANK: Polgreen wants them to testify. He wants to put them into witness protection.

EDDIE: Witness protection is a load of crap. If Santo even has a dream that they're going to testify, then they're history.

FRANK: What have you told them? What do they know?

EDDIE: Everything. I was just babbling. I was just getting it off my chest. You know, names, and places, and dates. Didn't mean anything to them, they just took like it was a fairy tale.


EDDIE: I'm going to tell them anything they want to know, in court, if it's going to keep Lhasa and Rose out of this mess.

[in the park, Jordan is teaching Lhasa and Rose how to use a swing.]

JORDAN: Lean back when you go forward. Lean forward when you go back. Back, forward. Good!

[Frank and Eddie arrive.]

JORDAN: Daddy!

[she runs over to Frank. Eddie, Lhasa and Rose embrace.]

[sheriff's car arrives. Hollis, the Sheriff and Polgreen get out.]

JORDAN: Look. No cast.

[Jordan shows Frank her healed arm. Frank indicates to Hollis and the Sheriff to stay back.]

JORDAN: It's all better. Lhasa did it.

[Later. In a cafe.]

JORDAN: They can do magic, can't they?

FRANK: It seems like it.

JORDAN: That man, Eddie. They fixed him, too. He was dead and then they fixed him.

FRANK: What makes you say that?

JORDAN: Just what I think.

FRANK: Honey.

JORDAN: I told them about Mummy, what happened to her.

FRANK: Well. What did they say?

JORDAN: They don't talk much. I'm not sure they understood.

[Outside, three men get out of the car - the three who shot Eddie.]

[The park. Eddie talks to Lhasa and Rose. Hollis, Polgreen and the Sheriff stand to one side.]

EDDIE: I got some business with these people. I'm gonna have to go away.

ROSE: No, Eddie.

EDDIE: I have to.

ROSE: Sad, Eddie.

EDDIE: I'm gonna miss you girls, I really am.

[The two women look at each other, start laughing, then pull Eddie over to the swing.]

EDDIE: All right, already.

[Eddie swings happily. In the trees, Boney takes aim. He follows Eddie with his sights as Eddie swings forward. he fires but Lhasa is in the line of the fire and is shot. In slo-mo, Eddie and Rose reach Lhasa.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Calendar shows December 24th.]

[Hotel lobby. Frank and Eddie are sat talking.]

FRANK: These three guys from New Jersey - they were interviewed.

EDDIE: Let me guess. They don't know nothing, right? And the rifle fired at Lhasa is available nationwide at a major department store, so you cannot trace the buyer. This used to be my job.

FRANK: Have you heard the medical report on Lhasa.

EDDIE: The bullet lodged near her spine. She doesn't look good.

FRANK: They're telling me there is a doctor at Boston that thinks he can reconstruct the nerve damage.

EDDIE: You can't do that.

FRANK: Why not?

EDDIE: You move her, you give them an easy shot, she's dead yesterday.


EDDIE: You know, the prosecutor declined my offer to testify. He says I'm a hit man who faked my own death, who's gonna believe me? He's gonna stick to the girls.

FRANK: The people from New Jersey?

EDDIE: What? Talk to them?

FRANK: Yeah.

EDDIE: They're not big on talk. I've got to protect my angels.

[Hospital. Lhasa is lying in a hospital bed. Rose is with her, lying by her side. A figure can be seen silhouetted behind the bed curtain. Suddenly the figure pulls back the curtain - it's Eddie. Rose awakes with a gasp.]

EDDIE: I'm sorry about all this, Rose. You should never have come out here. I'm gonna take care of things. It'll be OK.

ROSE: Sing, Eddie.

[Eddie sings "Little Deuce Coup" by the Beach Boys, and Rose settles back down next to Lhasa. Suddenly the door bursts open. The Sheriff rushes in, gun aimed, following by Hollis and another woman.]

SHERIFF: Don't move!

[The Sheriff sees that the man is Eddie, and lowers his gun.]

EDDIE: [to Rose] It's all right. It's all right.

SHERIFF: [to Eddie] What are you doing here?

EDDIE: It took me two seconds to break through your security. [to Rose] You'll be all right.

[Eddie moves to the door.]

HOLLIS: Where are you going?

EDDIE: Just stay here and protect them. Please.

[Outside. Night. Boney is checking his appearance in a window, singing softly to himself. Behind him, Eddie, armed with a gun, creeps up, then jabs the gun into Boney's ribs.]

EDDIE: Evening, Boney.

[Hotel lobby. Jordan is sitting at a table with her Christmas present to Catherine.]


FRANK: Yes, pumpkin.

[Frank sits down at the table.]

JORDAN: I want to see Lhasa and Rose.

FRANK: Sweetie. What you were telling me about Lhasa bringing Mommy back. As much as you and I both want it, it's not going to happen.

JORDAN: That's not why I want to see them.


[Jordan shakes her head. Frank ponders this.]

[Forest. Night. Thunder and rain. Eddie and Boney walking through the woods.]

EDDIE: You scared, Boney? You should be.

BONEY: I thought you was dead. All this time I thought that we'd killed you.

EDDIE: I am asking you to let this job slide. You leave these girls alone.

BONEY: Oh, that can't happen, Eddie. Money's been paid.

EDDIE: You know me, Boney, what I was back then.

BONEY: You was a great guy. You had good .....[1]

EDDIE: I was a dirtball. Lowest of the low. And these girls - they give me back my life. They ask for nothing in return. Which I didn't for one second deserve. I was a killer, Boney! Just like you.

BONEY: I'm losing you, Eddie.

EDDIE: Let this job slide! I don't wanna whack you.

BONEY: Hey, I whacked you. You was my best friend. What - you think that that was easy? I now I hear this crap coming out of your mouth! I shouldn't have thought twice.

[Eddie thinks.]

EDDIE: All right. Let's do it here.

[boney turns round and kneels down.]

BONEY: Below the neck and above the belt. Just like I did you. OK?

[Eddie aims, but pauses.]

BONEY: Come on! Don't make me wait.

EDDIE: It's a miracle I'm alive, Boney. It's a miracle!

BONEY: Yeah, whatever.

EDDIE: It's a biblical miracle. Like they told us when we was altar boys. Do you remember that?

BONEY: Come on, Eddie! Don't torture me. Pull the damn trigger!

EDDIE: Turn around. Turn around!

[boney turns but remains kneeling. Eddie empties the gun and throws it away. Eddie kneels down facing Boney.]

EDDIE: If this hadn't happened to me, I would kill you. But I can't do that anymore, Bony. And that's a gift - to both of us.

[Eddie gets up and walks away.]

BONEY: It is a miracle.

[Hospital room. Rose picks up Jordan's present.]

JORDAN: It's a Christmas present. That's what it is. For both of you.

[Jordan watches happily as Rose unwraps it. Frank looks on from the doorway.]

JORDAN: Here, I'll show you. And all that stuff I told you about my Mom? Well, I thought you could bring her back. And I know you would have if this didn't happen.

[Jordan paints one of Lhasa' nails.]

JORDAN: This is called nail polish. it was for my Mum. I want you to have it now.

[she puts the bottle in Lhasa's hand. Lhasa is unconscious. Jordan holds her hand, and then Lhasa's fingers begin to move. Jordan smiles, as does Rose.]

[Outside. Porch. Frank and Eddie talk. Eddie has a bag of candy he takes from.]

EDDIE: Christmas Eve, and they're gonna whack them.

FRANK: So you didn't, you couldn't.

EDDIE: I talked to them.

FRANK: You did?

EDDIE: One guy nodded his head at this and that. Only because I was holding a gun.

FRANK: I was at the hospital. They're moving her.

EDDIE: That's when they'll do it. I want it to be the way it was before. Rose, Lhasa, me. That's selfish, I know.

FRANK: Christmas wish.

EDDIE: Yeah.

[They both reflect on this.]

EDDIE: What do you want? Come on, you can tell me.

FRANK: The same. I want things to be the way they were. My daughter, my wife, and me.

[Eddie offers Frank the bag.]

EDDIE: Merry Christmas.

[Frank takes some candy.]

FRANK: Maybe it will be.

FRANK: [softly, to himself] Maybe it will be.

[Later. Rose and an orderly wheel Lhasa on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance. Frank, Hollis, Sheriff and Polgreen are standing nearby. The stretcher is loaded and Rose gets in. The ambulance driver half-turns round from the driver's seat - it's Eddie. Neither Frank nor Hollis seem surprised.]

HOLLIS: Merry Christmas, Mr. Black.

FRANK: I think it will be.

[Frank closes the ambulance door.]

FRANK: Merry Christmas to you, Agent Hollis.

[They smile. Behind them, Polgreen is unaware of the driver's identity.]

[The ambulance drives away. Another ambulance pulls up.]

POLGREEN: What the hell is going on?

[Eddie's ambulance turns the corner out of sight. Suddenly, there's a huge explosion, a fireball rising into the sky, the centre arcing up into the sky like a firework.]


[Polgreen runs, followed by the Sheriff and others. Frank and Hollis remain standing. Hollis checks with Frank, then runs in the direction of the explosion.]

FRANK: Merry Christmas, Eddie.

[Frank slowly walks away.]

[Hotel bedroom. Jordan is in bed, supposedly asleep. Frank is sitting at the window.]


[Frank gets up from his chair and goes over to sit on Jordan's bed. He puts a wrapped gift on the bedside table. He pulls Jordan onto his knee.]

FRANK: Hey. Merry Christmas. You faker.

[He hugs her.]

FRANK: Listen, I got something to tell you about Lhasa and Rose.

JORDAN: I already know.

FRANK: What? That they're leaving and won't be back?

JORDAN: No. I already know that you won't let anything bad happen to them.

FRANK: There's something else too. I know you want Mommy here with us.

JORDAN: Well, we can think about her and then it's kind of like she is.

FRANK: Mm-mm.

[Elsewhere. Rose is painting Eddie's toe nails. Also beside Eddie is Lhasa. He strokes her hair and she smiles.]

EDDIE: Lhasa, you feeling better?

[Lhasa smiles and turns her hands in front of her, admiring her nail polish.]

ROSE: Merry Christmas, Eddie.

EDDIE: Merry Christmas, Rose. Merry Christmas, Lhasa. Merry Christmas.

[The Calendar picture of the snow covered shack. Smoke is rising from the chimney, a bright star in the sky above.]

[end titles]

[1] Transcriber's note: I cannot figure out that last word that Boney says. The closed-captioning has "cogliani" which doesn't fit what is being said, nor from the dictionary definition does it seem the correct word.

Lance Henriksen (Frank Black)

Klea Scott (Emma Hollis)

Also Starring:

Brittany Tiplady (Jordan Black)

Guest Starring:

Bob Morrisey (Sheriff Earl Parker)

Tom McBeath (Jonathan Polgreen)

James DiStefano (Boney Nerone)

Michelle Beauchamp (Rose)

Keegan Tracy (Lhasa)

R Nelson Brown (Al Ryan)


Jon Polito (Eddie Scarpino Giannini)


Arthur Corber (Donny)

Salvatore Sortino (Paulo Stefano)

Nicole Robert (Front Desk Clerk)

Patrick Keating (Dr Rice)


Annabel Kershaw (Carol)

Music by Mark Snow

Editor: James Coblentz

Production Designer: Mark Freeborn

Director of Photography: Robert McLachlan

Executive Story Editors: Kay Reindl and Erin Maher

Production Manager: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda

Associate Producer: Jon-Michael Preece

Executive Consultant: Michael Duggan

Co-Producer: Julie Herlocker

Co-Producer: Patrick Harbinson

Co-Producer: Laurence Andries

Co-Producer: Michael R Perry

Co-Producer: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda

Co-Producer: Paul Rabwin

Consulting Producer: Daniel Sackheim

Producer: Thomas J Wright

Co-Executive Producer: Frank Spotnitz

Co-Executive Producer: Ken Horton

Co-Executive Producer: John Peter Kousakis

Written by Michael R Perry

Directed by Paul Shapiro

Executive Producer: Chip Johannessen

Executive Producer: Chris Carter

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