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If this is the real deal then WOW that really did have me spooked! Those noises sent shivers down my spine!


Hello all. I'm new to this particular corner of the world, but have been in other MM boards before. That said, although this snippet did sound rather eerie, I tend to fall on the skeptical side. This is mainly due to my long-term knowledge of what psychiatrically compromised individuals really do sound like - it is nothing like you've ever seen even on television! Actors do their very best to recreate psychotic individuals, but there's that extra push that comes from adrenaline and other neurochemicals that you just can't fake. People who do end-up with the more severe forms of psychological disorders - either via brain trauma and dysfunction or severe pathology - are quite able to produce this type of ghastly sounds and worse. I've even seen one gentleman literally crawl up a wall and partially onto a ceiling. That said, I do believe in the existence of pure evil. I see the most evil-doers, or "devil-possessed" if you will, in the personas of psychopathic individuals i.e. those persons who are at the top of the psychopathy skills according to experts such as Robert Hare, Ph.D. I have seen some of those individuals, and are aware of their crimes, and yet am amazed how they continue to attempt (and sometimes succeed with hospital/security staff!) to manipulate and groom others for their benefit. They are the ones that send the shivers up my spine! Thanks for the articles - I did read all the ones linked to the original article in the About site. Fascinating stuff!

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Yup I wandered in with the certainty that after years of watching horror films there was little left that could send shivers down the old spine. How wrong I was. Maybe it's a hoax as suggested and maybe it isn't but either way it's a damn fine way to give yourself the shudders.

Best wishes,

Shivering Eth

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