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Guest lorrainelyn

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Guest ottavia242

Greetings. This is my first post, although I must say that I have truly enjoyed reading topics and posts on this site for a while. I guess I am a bit shy, in general, but it is has been so long since I saw a Millennium episode that I feel underqualified! However, I do know this....it was the best show on the tube when I was finishing up college and I was totally bummed when I had to work on Friday nights. I even remember being cranky when I once went out on a date and knew I was missing a new episode. I was ticked off when it was cancelled...I tried to stay up late to watch it on FX (hard to do working F/T and going to grad school, but I did it!) and that was the last time I saw any episodes. I am sure than I have not seen about ten of them! :no: pity!

I anticipate its release in the US on DVD. I have been telling my friends for two years why I don't have a DVD player...because I am waiting for my favorite TV show of all time to be released. My most annoying reply yet when I tell them the show's name is, "oh jesus was that the one where there was some loony sewing people's eyes shut? That was the creepiest show ever." :angry: I will sing with glee when the day comes when I can watch the show again!

As somewhat of a up-late-at-night person who does not own a TV with cable, I spend some late hours on my computer. I would like to thank all of you for the posts that keep me from losing track of all things Millennium..from the plot summaries to the actors to the chilling gory descriptions. I think this site is fabulous and I just wanted to let you know that it's great to sign on and read new stuff every day!

Be well, y'all!



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.no,no schmo,NO SCHMO! :plain_big: .....WELCOME to our board,or i should say our little community here. please feel free to jump in anywhere/anytime. glad you've found us! any questions/concerns please do ask them here or just P.M. the us,the ADMIN. TEAM! :thumbsup_big:


se7en :ouro:

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Guest se7en
My name is Robbinski, and I work at the Downtown Seattle Headquaters of the Selfosophy Insitute.  And if anyone tries to use my copyrighted screen name, I will sue them to the fullest extent of - but in full accordance with - the law.  :wink_big:

.....yeah but...................................seattle is so depressing with all that rain and serial killers......??? :eyes::rofl:

~se7en :ouro:

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Guest Europa

Hello! I've posted twice but I have been neglect in my duty of saying hello to this wonderful group. I've been a Millennium fan since it's second season. I missed the first. Now I have them on dvd and can't get enough!! So cerebral, so intense....Looking forward to reading and posting! :jumping:

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Guest StevenmTaylor

Hi everyone, I'm Steve, aged 28, from Nottingham in the UK. Until recently I hadn't thought about Millennium in a very long time but I'm now enjoying my old tapes again with renewed interest. During the series' original broadcast I was a regular visitor to the old Compendium forum and Dan Owen's Millennium 2000 website, anybody else about from those far-off days? :bigsmile:

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