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:alien: As an X Files fan, as well as MILLENNIUM :ouro: , I wish I knew where an episode of The X Files went.  It was the one with John Byers' father in it, & at the climax, Mulder was on a plane, that was about to be crashed into the WTC. I only saw this episode once.  I payed attention, & it was never re-run.  This was long before the 911 tragedy, & now I wonder if it is lost forever.  Does anyone remember this one?



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Guest LauraKrycek
First of all, this wasn't an X-Files episode, it was the famed pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen".  Hence it not being rerun -- its WTC plane crash plot destined it to never be rerun pretty much anywhere ever again, or at least not for a really long while (who knows, maybe someday they'll unearth it and say "hey, wasn't THAT a freaky coincidence?").  It really wasn't that long before the 9/11 tragedy, either -- just that spring, and the attack that fall.  Oh, and Mulder wasn't on the plane... I don't know where you got that from.  Byers and his dad were both on there, though.
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Well, THAT clears up a lot! And I know why I didn't remember this episode myself. I, tragicly, MISSED the pilot of the LONE GUNMEN.  I was just asking this question for a friend who gave me the details & said it was an X Files episode, & that it was Mulder on the plane!  OOOOPS!

I'll pass on the info.  Thank-you for clearing this up.

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