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Episode 3!

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I just watched episode 3 of Millennium Apocalypse. Its certainly building up to something!

It was really strange to see or rather hear our beloved Erin (Ravenwolf)! The laptop scene was really good!

My only downer is Joe Amos, who seems to take forever to deliver his lines! I'm no expert but that guy is seriously wooden!

One of the highlights was Jordan's 'visions' which were top notch. They had the speed, sharpness and almost painful velocity of Frank's. Really well done!

Looking forward to episode 4!

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Guest Sixpence

Having watched Episodes 2&3 one after the other, I certainly think that some of the issues I critiqued about Episode 1 have been resolved. The sound, especially the background music, has improved compared to E 1, and that improved the "realism" of the viewing experience for me. I think E 2 had some issues with lighting, which is not uncommonly found when shooting into a field with an exposure of another light source (i.e. the sunlight). Much like taking a photo in the "old days" before the digital advent, a strong light source washes out the images, in this case the actors, so one would take a picture with the sun behind the lense and the subject in front of the photographer. E 3 seems to have been less affected by this lighting conundrum, and I found the video quality to have improved.

The acting, and the delivery of lines is equivalent to any VG Indy film that I have seen, and clearly superior to college-level "project" films. I found myself less distracted by the unfortunate need to compare this fine effort to the TV show in a qualitive analysis, and began to become absorbed by the episodes. Having reached this level of appreciation, I am now "hooked", and need to see more! Cudos to all involved! Oh, and it was nice to see Erin's appearance fleshed out to character. What will happen next?

I wonder, was the "man in white van" somehow a friend of "the smoking man" of X-Files lore? Birds of a feather.......



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WOW! :embarassed: (*blushes after reading these last posts*)

Thank you so very much for that! It was quite a challange, since I haven't acted since high-school (and hence, since my wreck) and NEVER have I acted all alone like that. It took quite a few trys to get this scene done, and I had to finaly just get pissed at myself for not "just doing it" in order to get through it. The later ones are a bit better....if I do say so myself! LOL :embarassed:

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LOL! I'll be contacting Dr Grayson whenever I need IT assistance from now on!

LOL! Funny you'd call her "Dr. Grayson"! I used that name because of a caracter I liked in the old 1960's Gothic soap opera "Dark Shadows", Dr. Julia Hoffman....who was played by Grayson Hall! :bigsmile:

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