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Contacts At Fox

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Ok guys...heres the scoop. I had mentioned to you guys previously that i have a moderately high placed connection at Universal. Today, my source states that they do not have any "direct" connections" to the Fox Network, HOWEVER, she is going to ask around and try to get some names for us so that we can have a direct bulls-eye to those who make the programming decisions. She will be keeping me posted as warranted. I agree its sort of throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best, but knowing that Fox uses Universal's sets for some of their programs, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that we get a couple of names dropped in our laps..

keep the candles of hope burning brightly...

The Fourth Horseman...

"And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him. Authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, and by the wild animals of the earth was given to him." REV 6:8


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Good luck, but again I'm not sure if you should make them public without prior consent. I'm sure you can appreciate my position on this as being responsible for the website.

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