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Peter Watts: His body is covered with tattoos. I look at this man and I wonder... He fought the same fight we wage today. Did he have the knowledge that we lack? The knowledge to overcome the evils of the millennium? And did he have the foresight to pass that information on to us? Are these tattoos merely decorations or are they secrets to be deciphered? What does he say to you, Frank?

Frank Black: He had the knowledge, Pete, but it's inside him. And I think that's what he's saying: it's inside us. We just have to find it for ourselves.

(The Hand Of Saint Sebastian)

Risking a little shameless self-promotion, I simply wished to direct any interested parties' attention to an article I was most pleased that Dixon deemed worthy for inclusion in the Reality section of The Abyss. Borrowing the title Exegesis of course directly from Millennium, it was written several months ago (were it written now, there might be more than the perfunctory reference to Iraq) and originally conceptualised in response to a competition requesting entries that focused upon any aspect of security affecting our world between now and the year 2050 - in exactly 2050 words. In its consideration of the cultural background within which 9/11 could come to pass and leaning heavily upon millennialism, it seeks to go some way towards deconstructing commonly accepted terms such as security and freedom against the context of the perception of a heightened terrorist threat, chiefly with respect to the USA. I do hope some folks might find it of interest, and would be most interested to hear any feedback or points of discussion right here...

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