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Favorite Mlm Writer(s)

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I think Morgan and Wong were the most important writers for MM. Although Chris Carter was the creator of the series, he didn't write as many episodes as he might have wanted. Some of his episodes like "Lametation", "Antipas" and of course the pilot are some of my favourite episodes, but others like "The Well-Worn Lock" or "TEOTWAWKI" I didn't like very much.

Morgan and Wong delivered the (in my opinion) best episodes of season 1 besides "Lamentation", "Dead Letters", "522666" and "The Thin White Line". And most of their season 2 episodes belong to the important and / or brilliant episodes, to name a few: "Monster", "The Curse Of Frank Black", "Owls" / "Roosters", "The Fourth Horseman" / "The Time Is Now". But some of their season 2 writings are not as good as these: I don't really like "Beware Of The Dog", "Siren" or "The Pest House".

Chip Johannessen certainly a fantastic writer too, but I don't like approximately the half of his episodes: "Force Majeure" is an entertaining episode but just a little too far out. "Sense And Antisense" doesn't make any sense at all. And "Exegesis" is in my opinion the worst MM ever produced. I never saw more plot holes in one single episode before! (To his credit I have to admit, I wouldn't have wanted to solve this season 2 cliffhanger myself ... you know what I mean.) Some of Chip's episodes belong to best, like "Maranatha", "Luminary", "In Arcadia Ego" or "Borrowed Time", but all in all it's a 50/50 affair.

Darin Morgan: I just ADORE his work but unfortunately there are only two episodes he wrote for MM.

Michael R. Perry is also a great writer, his "The Mikado" is one of my all-time favourites. But what the h*** did he think by writing "Omerta"? I hate this X-Mas fairies-in-the-woods-story!

BTW, what do you all think of Erin Maher and Kay Reindl?

"Midnight Of The Century" is a great episode, but I think they didn't deliever anything good besides this. "A Single Blade Of Grass", "Anamnesis" and "Matryoshka" are simply horrible. (I don't want to be offensive, but these three episodes are really low points!)

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