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The Cable Guy

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"The Cable Guy" with Jim Carry is on TNT right now, and near the end, there is a scene where Jim Carry has vidiotaped himself, talking to this girl. In the background, I was hearing "More Human Than Human", which I can't hear now without thinking of Millennium. Then, low and behold, I heard intermingled with the music, the ever-familiar sound of a woman, getting off....! They had that scene in the strip club from Millennium playing in the background! WOO-HOO!

Sorry if this has been brought up before.


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Wow! Great catch Erin! Must have been a fan of Millennium or ex-crew working on that film!

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Actaully the sound of the woman is from the actual song, it was not added in MLM.
You are right A Stranger, if i remember, the "orgasm" sequence is at the very beginning :bigsmile: ...Erin, great find.... :clapping:

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