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The History Of Lucy Butler

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Ok if you put it that way. She is a manifestation of evil, as well as the dogs. But i dont think shes the dogs. They are in Bucksnorth to keep the balance. They wont leave and they cant leave. They exist in a consistant umber and if one gets shot a new one arrives to keep the balance. I find no possible explanation to say 'Lucy is the dogs'.

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Oh THESE dogs! Sorry bout that. That was her. devil_01.gif

And by the way, we have a "Frank Black" icon Frank_Black.jpg , i think we should have a Lucy Butler icon too, cause she is iconic! clapping.gif

I totally agree ! ! I've asked Graham in the past if he would teach me how to organize the smilies, but I hear it's harder then it may appear. Why not start a new thread with a poll, "yes" or "no." Bet everyone votes yes, and I'm thinking it will gain attention to the idea.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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