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More Millenniumistic Moments...


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I work as a bookseller for a major UK books retailer. The other day, a customer came up to me and asked, if we had any books on sociology, social science, etc.

And I, accidently, said, "Yes we do. The Selfosophy section is located in our sub-branch..." I quickly corrected myself, but not before I illicited a confused look from the customer! LOL!

Anyone have any of their own personal Millenniumistic moments in the real world?

"Every painful moment in your life casts a shadow across your neurobiology. Until you exterminate these dark memories, you will remain in a negative groove. Thus, those who cannot forget their past, are condemned to repeat it." -- J. Onan Goopta

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This happened a couple of years ago. I had just got off a bus in the center of my hometown when I saw one of my brothers walking on the other side of the street. He didn't notice me and I ran after him. When I caught up to him he told me that just a brief moment before he had experienced something weird, like someone had whispered to his ear "the light blue angel is right behind you".

"So?" I said. He pointed to my t-shirt, which was light blue.

Actually, I've got a natural explanation for this, but I won't share it here because it would spoil a nice story. :grin_snowman: :angel2:

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Selfo..... :signlol::hands2trans::2handstransp:

I can't belive I missed this post! Why, oh why did you not call me to tell me that one?? LOL I would have LOVED to have been there, but at least hearing you re-tell it would have been wonderful!

to "Don'tbe"...........

thanks for not spoiling a lovely story. *grin* life is better with a little magic left in the world. :angel:

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LOL! Brilliant - I wish I had a similar tale to tell!

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And there's more... I was listening to the radio this morning as I was getting ready for leaving for work. I was just thinking of TIWWA (because I like you all so much), when the guy on the radio said: "And now we're going to play some instrumental music for a change". (I don't remember that station ever playing instrumentals before.)

I thought "wouldn't it be creepy and funny if it was Love Is Blue". And guess what? It was. :shocked_snowman: Of all the pieces of music in the world. Besides, I'm pretty sure it was the exact same version as the one used in A Room With No View. I got goose pimples all over. Brrrr!

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