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Season 3 Symbolism - The Eye

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Hey gang!

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you guys? :kissypoo:

I've been watching a lot of Millennium recently when time permits to try and prepare myself for writing this novel, The Trust.

I've noticed there's a reoccuring symbol in Season 3 - that of the Eye. That symbol is first seen in Exegesis in relation to Project Grillflame.


512 also had her own Project Grillflame Keychain. (Anybody else got one?)


Now, the Eye shows up again in Skull and Bones. It's on the retaining wall where the first murder Ed witnesses takes place.


This isn't coincidence I'm sure. Likely this marks the location where the murder of one of the women associated with Project Grillflame took place. And it's likely that it's from here that Ed had adopted his mark that appears on his letters...


The other possibility is he's created this mark himself in which case perhaps it's indicative of a relationship between him and project Grillflame. Certainly the remote viewers are keeping tabs on The Millennium Group just as Ed is also keeping tabs on them.

Now perhaps this is where I step into the realm of "reaching". In Skull and Bones, Ed watches Frank from his window...


Do you see the eye?


Next in Borrowed Time we see this shape again when the nurse looks down at Frank and when Frank looks down at Samael from the hospital window...



And we see Samael's eye in the flashes just before looking out of the blinds...


And if that's not a big enough collection of eyes we also have a whole collection of eyes in Saturn Dreaming of Mercury....


In the same episode Jordan has an eye exam.

There's an episode called Darwin's Eye.

We've got more eyes here than can be found in the name Mississippi!

Can this truly be conincidence or is there a message here?

What do YOU see?

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Guest bitterstrength

A challenging topic maxx....besides the window to the mind theme the eye can be symbolic of god or godlike qualities (re: omnipotence) or evil....just look at the lord of the rings trilogy!!! My conspiricy theorist friends love to talk about the new world order(good or ill) symbolized on the dollar bill "eye of horus symbol.


Its hard to pin down due to the use of the symbol by good and bad characters

I apoligize for the lack of clarity


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Guest A Stranger

"Undstand and you are liberated..." There is the recurring theme throughout the year of "percieving," of seeing clearly. This is Frank's struggle and becomes Emmas was well. I think Ed drew the eye himself. It was were it all started for him. The connection is simply meant to be thematic.

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Guest SouthernCelt

I sorta wondered if the recurring eye imagery had two purposes:

The overt purpose was to symbolize the remote viewing capability of the subjects that were being tested/groomed for that purpose. The covert or broader purpose was to symbolize that the third season would enable the committed series fans to "see" deeper into the MM Group and into the influences driving Frank. I was a bit disappointed that the season ended with some details still not made clear.

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