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Millennium Teasers and Inteviews...

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As from today, Millennium fans can download the full range of Millenium Episode Trailers and Cast & Crew Interview Excerpts from my site, https://MillenniumDesktop.co.uk/.

Millennium Teaser Trailers

Presented here for the first time on MDUK, are all of the Millennium Trailers and Teaser previews that I have been able to collect. Please note that although all episodes are listed, not all episodes had a promotional trailer. If you have a trailer or preview that is not included, please let me know.

Video Interviews with Millennium's Cast & Crew...

'Digitally Cleaned' and presented in Windows Media 8 format for viewing on or off line, these interview excepts were filmed on sets and on location whilst filming Millennium. They provide an invaluable look at how the new Millennium Actors perceive their roles and their expectations for the show. Look out too for events in the background behind the actors!

The 5 Minute 15Mb Chris Carter interview (reduced from over 40MB's) is quite a rare item and is great to listen Chris discuss Millennium and shed some secrets.




PS. Should you wish I can provide these on CD shippable anywhere for the price of £10 UK including P&P.


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