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"via Dolorosa" Screen Captures Up

Guest chrisnu

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Guest chrisnu

Screen captures from "Via Dolorosa" are now up; the shots turned out well, and I hope you enjoy them. Here's the website address to access them:


They can also be accessed at:


There are VERY graphic images from this episode. Be forewarned.

I'll leave you with this:


"Why am I wearing a suit?"


"I've found watching these videos with you to be a very enjoyable and educational experience."


"So have I, Frank. I have been enlightened of a sudden arousal that requires my attention."


"You gotta help me. I have gotten this whole reverse Oedipal thing goin' on here, and I was hopin' to get my head straight."


"You've come to just the right place! On top of everything else, we'll give you... a brand NEW CAR!!"


"Frank, I think you might be... twitterpated."


"But Emma, Grandma doesn't mind!"

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