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"goodbye To All That" Screen Captures Up

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Well, we've reached the end of the road! It's been a pleasure creating screen captures for one of my favorite series. I hope you enjoy these captures as well.

Screen captures from "Goodbye to All That" are now up; the shots turned out well, and I hope you enjoy them. Here's the website address to access them:


They can also be accessed at:


There are VERY graphic images from this episode. Be forewarned.

I'll leave you with this:


"There's been a recall of my Secret Success Formula. I'm told that I'll be just as good as new after the extensive plastic surgery I'd been putting off. All in the pursuit of beauty!"


"You put me in this situation on purpose, you whore!"


"Well, this is just my personal preference. Different things get people off just as well. I hope you've enjoyed the journey as much as I have."


"I know how Frank and Andy have been a poor influence on you. I understand. Old Pete knows."


"Oh, Peter! I'm just being manipulated by the men in my life, left and right!"


"I take it you have some business to clear with me. Let's get to the nitty-gritty, Pa Black."


"You've been a raven disguised as Big Bird, Andy. I do believe I'll take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes, to glean from a master of obfuscation as I should have."




"What the hell was that? I'll stay away from forbidden territory, all right? Can't you indulge a fellow degenerate every now and then?"


"Look, I can't keep giving you these little rewards. We've passed the threshold of inconspicuousness here."


"NO! I need my midnight pick-me-ups! I NEED TO FEED THE MONKEY!!!"


"You're just jealous I'm treading territory when you weren't able to break the barrier. In a gadda vida, baby!"


"I will not let this bring me to the brink of breaching old habits. I've come a long way since Zingers and my dear Paris, haven't I?"


"Both you and I. Given that reciprocation is lo longer an option, I'm getting dead tired here. I'm leaving the fold, Frank. The torch is yours."

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"Oh honey, you're just getting the brunt of the angst, aren't ya now? Ohhh, it hurts so good, don't it?"


"I've been reduced to a blow-up doll in a tug of war. You will not be the one to pop me, Frank."


"We'll always have Quantico. So long, hotcakes."


"I have never been so loved in my entire life. I'll never forget you, Blackie."


"Now wait, you mean this whole mess is over? It's been awfully entertaining."


"Never. The spirit of Frank Black and the tradition of debauchery, masochism, and downright Legionesque humor will live on in the hearts of the blowhards and the screwups. Rock on."

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You are the best, chrisnu! Thank you for creating all those beautiful screencaps. I'm returning your own words to you: Rock on!

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wow, excellent work indeed! How do you do it? I'm just too lazy to try it ;), and i don't think i have the right equipement. :cry:

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Kudos for your ability to generate those hilarious captions. You must have a quick mind, chrisnu.

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i nearly burst out laughing in this public computer room, which would have been bad enought, except for some reason i also almost spit all over the screen/keyboard.

ps. i love you and your capping ability

- nothing

(grad school apps are obviously affecting her)

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Those Captures are Great,and the captions are the best :rock2:

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the blowhards and the screwups


boy, you sure know how to fling the compliments. or something.

just kidding; i have been known at times to subsist solely on your MM caps and water crackers.

- nothing, who appears less and less healthy each time she contemplates herself

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