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The word is from ABC is that Night Stalker had made it through the middle and it will be picked up for the rest of the season. Sorry i have no link, just some info that was passed along to me. This is good news......hopefully things will be turning good for this show

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Guest Laurent.

Good news: Spotnitz said that there's a Vince Gilligan episode and a Darin Morgan episode coming up :rock2:

Bad News: heard rumors on the official message board (www.carlkolchak.com) that the show got cancelled yersterday but since the majority of users on this forum wants the show to get cancelled maybe it's only a sick joke. :praying:

I hope that the show will get a full season and that we'll get to see more than one episode from Darin Morgan... by the way, Vince Gilligan is only doing one episode if I understood correctly.

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Guest Kolchak
Thanks for that laran. Any idea why they would want the show canceling?

I can't speak for laran, but I have encountered this sentiment from the Kolchak Yahoo Group Forums as well. They find the new show insulting to the origan and without any merit at all. The only point that they will concede is that it brought the original series to DVD. I posted serval positive comments on the new series and was made to feel like a simple minded jester that enjoys anything the networks put on my plate. I simply don't understand it. Is it so unbelievable that spomeone could enjoy the original and the new series as well?

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