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Found this on E-Bay

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Guest strich

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A General Request:

Can you please contact Se7enand1 directly either through PM or E-Mail with queries regarding DVD's etc?

There are many times when personal messages are posted and this is not fair to either Se7enand1 as he may miss your posts/questions, neither is it fair to the original creators of topics where these type of posts may go off topic.

I don't want to see topics overtaken with posts about "Where are my DVD's?" or "He's not answering my e-mails".


The Old Man.

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Guest MSandt
Let me say that if I hadn't seen people here talking about these things I wouldn't have gotten into these things.
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Agreed,... that it does put him on the spot.  Apologies here...but it did help to know that he was bombarded with a back-log.  

In turn, folks on this forum are se7en's greatest advocates and promoters.  I would have no idea of the availability if it wasn't for the pervasiveness of threads spreading the gospel of the project's shear success.



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...........no apology is needed provo. it "has" been somewhat overwhelming since gra's review came out a while back,and it does get a bit confusing trying to match the "board" username with either the person's real name or his/her email address.   ...with gra's support and encouragement i am going to be putting up a forum,that will be more than likely password protected,pertainging to the MM-DVD-R-PROJECT,and everything that it ecompasses.

     ...when a customer/potential customer or just someone who has a question,either emails me privately,or P.M.'s me i will answer his/her questions and then for people who may just wish to discuss,ask about updates,read about offers and possible future added content-(A.K.A. "extras")-i will issue that person a password for the new forum. the reason i am thinking of the password option is for the protection and privacy,no matter how little or how much,to myself and other members regarding the PROJECT.


    BTW: OUR PAYPAL IS: se7enand1@tiwwa.info


                                 ~buckets of peace,

                                              se7en :ouro:

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