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SARS Virus - Marburg Virus

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The Old Man

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Amidst the constant stream of news reports concerning the IRAQ War, I have been listening to more frequent reports of the SARS Virus which is rapidily increasing. Whenever I hear or read about this I'm reminded of the the Millennium Group's Marburg Virus.

Whilst the World turns it's attention to the War, perhaps the Plague has already turned it's attention to us...

Here's some info incase you aren't aware of it yet:

The UK Department of Health said: "The UK public is strongly advised not to travel to these areas. This advice is being reviewed daily and this travel warning may be extended to other countries later."

The advice matched an earlier warning from the World Health Organisation (WHO) which said the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) epidemic had yet to peak.

In Brazil, a British journalist covering the weekend's Sao Paulo Formula One Grand Prix is suspected of having the disease.


The 42-year-old woman had previously been in Malaysia and had passed through Singapore and London before coming to Brazil.

Nearly 80 people have died as a result of the virus and more than 2,300 have been infected since its outbreak in southern China late last year.

WHO said it was taking the action because at least nine foreign businessmen have caught Sars in Hong Kong and carried it back to their home countries. The disease causes breathing difficulties, high fever, flu-like symptoms and pneumonia.

China now says 46 people have died from Sars. There are about 1,200 cases in the country and three provinces have been hit.


More than 70 deaths and more than 2,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide.


More than 200 people suffering from the virus have been quarantined in an apartment block in Hong Kong.

Until now, WHO had said travellers could continue to go to the affected areas but should be aware of the symptoms of the disease and seek medical help quickly if they felt ill.

Health authorities feel confident they have identified the new virus, which is believed to have begun in Guangdong in November and has since been spread around the world by air travellers.

But they have still not found a cure to a disease that has caused panic in southeast Asia.


Airlines are reporting that passenger numbers are down on flights to affected areas, and the alert has had a big impact on Hong Kong business.

Malaysia has stopped hiring workers from infected areas while Thailand has told visitors from those countries they must wear masks or face six months in jail.

Cases have been confirmed in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, France, Ireland and Italy.

The WHO says the outbreak appears to be under control in Vietnam and work to contain it in Singapore and Canada seems to be succeeding.

You can read more about this new Virus here.


Graham.  :ouro:

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Guest Wellington


Damn right, similarities are there. I guess it will turn an outburst that will inexplicably cease, without time for anyone to understand anything about it. Then maybe a reappearance in some years from now...

Last year we had the Nile virus around here (American North East coast), which will hit the news as soon as temperatures rise. It was "spread" by mosquitos, and came here by plane. When were the times when a sea was the best of boundaries?

These outbursts are quite strange, new viruses with which the body cannot cope. As living "beings" viruses are prone to evolve, but I truly wonder what the roots are, and since when they exists. Are they known about for long but overlooked because of the feeble impact on humans? Are they derivative forms of animal viruses? Why such a spotted outburst? For now, there are more risks in leaving the Americas because of them than because of terrorism... Or are there?


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