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Updates And News!

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Yesterday I added a lot of new Millennium desktop background images to TIWWA's Gallery, in 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 size. Some of them are larger versions of the existing images and they are all the ones available on the offical Millennium website. I've added them to promote them, for ease of access and to make sure they don't dissapear into the ether if the Millennium site ever goes away like the original one.

They really are fantastic, go take a look.

The Gallery is due to have an update this week as is the main forum. I apologise for not yet fixing the default blue and white gallery buttons but this is a low priority as I've been busy working with Libby on a new website to replace Millennium Desktop UK.

This includes the new episode and credits guide, which is looking really cool at the moment even if I say so myself! We are aware that volunteer contributors have been waiting patiently for news on the episode guide project but it is the most advanced site I've done and a lot of work has gone into setting it up, writing scripts, plus as it forms part of the new version of the existing Millennium Desktop site, it has been designed from the ground up with this in mind and is taking some time to get right. We have a great new Content Management system coded exclusively for the site. Libby is also busy finishing her Season 3 transcripts, making SQL queries and so forth. We are now adding some data to the pages ready for volunteers to look at and give them an idea of what is expected. Thank you for your patience and undertanding that we are working on this in our spare time and we want to make sure it performs well and is as accurate as possible.

Finally, you may notice if you use the default TIWWA skin that the background has turned black! This is because I've been aware that the Millennium themed background image was casuing the large index page to scroll a bit slowly on older machines. There are currently 3 TIWWA skin options which you can select at the bottom of the screen:

TIWWA default (black background)

TIWWA Flash banner (with animated Flash Banner at the top of the page, once loaded it is cached in your browser and displays immediately when you view a new page)

TIWWA with Millennium background image (the old default)

If you would like to support TIWWA you can make a small donation using the PayPal option at the top of the page, you don't need a PayPal account and there is no minimum to what you can donate to our running and hosting costs. Help keep TIWWA advertising free and up to date with the latest addons. Thanks!


PS. Don't forget you can start a TIWWA blog on anything you like if you have over 25 posts and that TIWWA now has a Rich Text Editor selectable in your My Controls>Board Options page which is allows for much easier formating of your posts, replies, gallery and blog comments and when you are creating new content blocks for your Blogs.

Edited by The Old Man

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Thanks. Also a big thank to a very generous TIWWA member who made the first donation received today!

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The Message Board forums and gallery have both been upgraded to the latest versions this afternoon.

For those who are interested, here's a list of changes/bug fixes:

Invision Power Board 2.1.3 is a maintenance release and includes over 70 bug fixes as well as enhancements to the upgrade system.

BUGS FIXED (IPB 2.1.2 -> IPB 2.1.3)

  1. [JS] PHP variable for session id used in javascript
  2. [Portal] Setting group title missing from titlebar
  3. Moderating team sorted by name instead of display name
  4. [LDAP] New user registration email is missing the new member's name
  5. [AJAX] Ability to enter blank topic title, causing no link to form
  6. Memberlist sorting by name instead of display name
  7. [JS] Syntax error in rte_html.js
  8. [ACP] Broken page span links on email logs pages
  9. [ACP] Deleting task logs was deleting entried newer than x days instead of older than x days
  10. Users can view pinned topics even if permission not to view others topics is set to no
  11. Adding attachmentid tags to topics are not stripped if there are no attachments
  12. [Mods] Moderators cannot use warn panel if ban abilities set to no
  13. [JS] STD Editor, using color selection, cursor jumps to beginning of postarea
  14. [JS] Smilies always inserted at end of post in IE
  15. [skin] Using 100% of your attachment space does not graphically appears as so
  16. [skin] Long topic title causes topic options box to fall outside of maintitle div
  17. [skin] Long PM text causes text to fall outside of My Assistant box
  18. [skin] Minor skin issue with smilie table with certain settings
  19. [skin] Two minor skin issues corrected
  20. New lines not parsed in signatures when HTML enabled for signatures
  21. [RSS] Attachments not parsed on export
  22. Manual Upgrade SQL files do not include ib_cache_store creation query
  23. [ACP] Restricted admins can change members group to a non restricted admin in ACP
  24. [AJAX] Edited by legend not appended to post when AJAX used
  25. [AJAX] Post Icon removed when Quick Edit Used
  26. [Reg] Banned email address is misleading
  27. [Mods] Opening/Closing topic from AJAX forum view does not log moderator action
  28. [Msg] Double line breaks if you use RTE editor and preview a PM
  29. [PM] Line breaks not preserved properly in popup window.
  30. [Mods] Cannot close/open a topic that has been altered by the new topic open/close time settings
  31. [ACP] Login Manager has broken link to export method
  32. [Mods] Member Look-Up Tool does not search display names
  33. [ACP] Admin can pre-register a username that is more than 32 characters, but user can't login with it
  34. [Cal-RSS] No Description set for Calendar RSS Feeds
  35. [ACP] Invalid HTML used when entering forum rules can break the Rules Editing page
  36. [Cal] Deleting default calendar (id 1) results in no calendar access
  37. [ACP] Search for mod logs without entering any search text causes SQL error
  38. [ACP] Recount tool sets last registered member's name instead of display name
  39. [Polls] IP Address not stored when a vote is recorded
  40. Charset hardcoded into lofi page
  41. [subs] Fixed a broken link in the navigation bar
  42. Fixed hardcoded texts in reported files (New file: lang_tar.php)
  43. [MSG] Fixed defaulted options for save/preview, CC Users flag not showing in Saved Message List
  44. [RSS] Link not properly parsed if HTML is preserved on import
  45. Added in JPE support for thumbnail generation
  46. Non-English characters in bbcode or smilie replacement code do not work in Quick Edit
  47. Size 1 font reverted to 8pt due to popular demand
  48. [RSS] Custom bbcode not parsed when exporting RSS feed
  49. [Mods] Forums drop down menu using Short-Forum jump setting incorrectly
  50. [Chat] Members chatting does not pull correct variable on new installs
  51. [ACP] Hide display name member search field when not enabled
  52. [Mods] Forums drop down menu using Short-Forum jump setting incorrectly
  53. [Chat] Members chatting does not pull correct variable on new installs
  54. [ACP] Hide display name member search field when not enabled
  55. [Posting] Editing topic specifying open/close times does not close topic
  56. [ACP] Bulk Mail, non-html emails display as html
  57. [search] Some characters return as ? when using My Assistant search
  58. [Mods] Moderator 'After Posting' drop down not properly generated for moderators
  59. [ACP] Copyright Removal component at top of list causes blank Components page
  60. [NEW FEATURE] RSS Feeds now support .htaccess authentication
  61. [ACP] Skin differences report gives SQL error
  62. Link on member_bar still using cmd=
  63. [CAL] Ranged events showing a day ahead/behind under some circumstances
  64. [CAL] RSS Feeds blank when they are regenerated on page load
  65. [NEW FEATURE] Ability to set Topic Filtering option per forum in the ACP
  66. [JS] Added ability to enter a blank description through the AJAX topic desc. edit
  67. [ACP] Minor skin issue during login (calling an image at an invalid path)
  68. [RSS] Multiple feeds - not all feeds update properly
  69. [RSS] RSS Import task not logging imports
  70. [RSS] One RSS feed with errors causes updates to all feeds to halt
  71. [RSS] Not all errors returned when an RSS feed reports them
  72. [Warn] Ability to warn users permission setting for mods not preserved properly
  73. [CAL] Calendar RSS Feeds overwrite one another

Invision Gallery 2.0.4 is a maintenance release which fixes several reported bugs and other issues.

Fixed issues include:

  • array_merge() warning ( php5 ) in ad_stats.php
  • Boundary check missing on rating, could be tampered with
  • All media issues ( "Not allowed to post movies", display code problem in albums )
  • More php5 compat issues
  • Offloaded all JScript into ipb_galleryjs.js file
  • medium sized images not created or resized in ACP
  • medium sized gif images improperly linked
  • "Not in a web accessible directory" image bug
  • Member's Gallery deactive, but still in album drop down.
  • Wrong group values on disk usage percentage display
  • Added credit info/copyright info to Image view template as default. Users can skin it out if they don't want it there.
  • Fixed possible image XSS vulnerabilities

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That's a lota bugs! You must have one hell of a fly-swatter! :w00t:

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LOL! I wish it was me that was capable of fixing them! I looked through it and I've never experienced any of them! IPS do check a reported bug though through their Bug Tracker to duplicate it etc before they mark it for squatting.

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These wallpapers are great, and thank you for staying on top of the updates! I'm sure they can become dizzying with their frequency.

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Actually they are not too often Chris. This ones been out a few weeks and I delayed updating to see if anyone had any problems after updating their boards and also because I didn't want to spend ages redoing templates for the skin. I prefer it when the updates have more new features than bug fixes though!

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