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Lucy And Ephraim


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Guest Charles

This episode did a beautiful job of establishing Lucy as a total monster. She just doesn't help a brutal maniac escape from prison, oh no...She feeds on and abuses him horrifically.

Why? There's no explanation given, no reason why. She just does it because that's what she does. She's the top of the whole rotten food chain and guys like Ephraim are her food.

Superb setup for an enduring villain.

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Little did Ephraim know that like other econo-on-line dating services, he ended up marrying a creepy long-haired guy! D'oh!!

Or maybe he did? Maybe that's Lucy's unique selling point in some situations. It is hinted at that she has enjoyed relations in that form in "Antipas" so she definitely provides the best of both worlds for those who might enjoy such things.

Now that would have been an episode I would have liked them to try and get past Standards and Practices. :oneeyedwinK




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Guest WaveCrest

This question had crossed my mind when watching "Lamentation" on DVD last week. I assumed Ephraim was in Lucy's house.

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Given that I always took Doctor Fabrisham  to be Chris Carter's version of Hannibal Lechter, I think Lucy involved herself with him at first out of curiosity and later to show him exactly what true evil can be.

She may have been originally impressed by his deeds but in her eyes he turned out to be a second rater...still he served her purpose.


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