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Am I Too Hung Up On This Series?

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Guest SouthernCelt

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Guest SouthernCelt

Had another wierd dream a couple of nights ago. It began with me riding in the back seat of a car on the way to some meeting involving my work (for a state environmental regulatory agency). The front seat passenger was one of my co-workers. For some reason I couldn't tell who was driving, only that it was a man and presumably someone else from our office.

Suddenly the driver announces that he's been instructed to return us to the main office and abort the trip. It's not clear how he received this instruction or why.

Back at the office I go into the building, which is a totally foreign place to me, and began to look for my office, which I never find. The main hallway is a wide area with open clerical stations located intermittently along its length. I recognize no one there, though they all seem to know who I am. Virtually everyone I see is much younger than I am, most in their late twenties or early thirties, and all, including me, are dressed in business suits such as are worn by FBI agents and other law enforcement types.

The hall takes a turn to the left and at the end I find the director's office. He comes out into the clerical area just outside his door (its the man who really is the director of the agency where I work) and begins to talk about the agency's job and mission in generalities. He uses phrases such as "protecting our citizens' health and quality of life" much as might be applied to the work I actually do in environmental protection. Then he completes his "pep talk" with the statement, "We all have to do our jobs for this is who we are."

This statement almost shocked me awake and did bring me to a point where I had to decide whether to allow the dream to continue or not, a point of deciding about lucid dreaming I suppose. I chose to continue since I was mystified as to why all I remembered about my work and workplace had changed and I didn't know why or what it had become. It was as though I had been stricken with selective amnesia and was unable to remember certain things.

I turned to go down the hall, I suppose to look for my office again, and the director told me that I'd better hurry because it was late and darkness was falling. He then asked if I had my identification to get through the barricades. Although I didn't know what he meant I reached in my coat pocket and held up a metal vial with what appeared to be a microchip inside. He nodded then suggested I'd be better off if I had it implanted like everyone else there. It struck me then that I'd noticed several other employees had slight bulging areas on the backs of their left hands and I concluded that these must be the preferred site of implantation for the chips.

Then I was suddenly struck with the idea that this must be "the mark of the beast" and that we must be in the final days when the AntiChrist was controlling human events.

When I left the building, I started walking north (at least that's what direction it seemed to be). Suddenly two large fire engine type trucks sped by on the street with sirens going and disappeared over the hill ahead of me. The trucks weren't fire trucks though as they had no outfitted fire fighting equipment; instead, they looked like some sort of urban riot control vehicles.

I began to notice an undercurrent sound of voices, none distinct, coming from behind me at some distance. When I looked back down the street, I could see what seemed to be a throng of people walking in my direction. Suddenly, I realized these were people who had become the victims of some terrible disease and, though they hadn't died, they were carriers and were out to destroy all the healthy people in vengeance for their affliction.

I hurried on north on the sidewalk, over the hill where the trucks had disappeared earlier. At the foot of the hill, I was met with a barricade fortified with all manner of armed men dressed in black and with the trucks on which were now mounted large machine guns. All were pointed back down the street as though they were defending against the on-coming throng of people. A younger man at the barricade yelled for me to show my ID so I reached in my pocket and held up the microchip vial again. He motioned me through the barricade. As I went on away from the area, the dream ended.

This was one of those dreams that was both intriguing and terrifying at the same time. Since I haven't recently viewed anything, Millennium or otherwise, with any themes like this, I can't begin to imagine where this came from.

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Wow. It's somehow comforting that you didn't have the chip implanted.

Is your agency directly or indirectly under the Department of Homeland Security? I know the EPA is and may be why you saw yourself and co-workers in "Federal" attire.

Theres been another report of a human infected with the bird flu

From AP

We've all had this story permanently injected into our subconcious mind by now.

Could be the source of the disease in your dream.

Not sure how much of it is suggestion or premonition but the subconcious mind is a funny thing. It has a way of showing us stuff we don't like to think about when were awake.

wish my dreams were as interesting.


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Guest SouthernCelt

We're a state agency so we're not directly under any Federal agency but do occasionally have to work with the state agency equivalent of Homeland Security. I've never had to deal directly with any of those folk, state or federal.

I have dreams like this only once every few months. Hardly a night goes by that I don't have at least one dream that leaves me with at least a dim memory in the morning, but one like this that's almost like a movie with me in it and has such striking details goes in the "never forget" category.

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