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316 Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury

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316 Saturn Dreaming of Mercury

Written by Jordan Hawley & Chip Johannessen

Directed by Paul Shapiro

Air date: 9 April 1999

[Transcribed by Libby]

Previously on Millennium: [This segment omitted from DVD]

[Jordan gasping.]

Frank: What's wrong with her?

Woman: It's an FUO - fever of unknown origin.

[Jordan in the ice bath.]

[A clown.]

Watts: Frank, your daughter doesn't just dream. You must know that by now.

[Jordan screaming; a demon; Lucy Butler.]

Lucy: Your daughter, Jordan. You're not afraid for her?

[Jordan screaming; monkey screaming; Frank cuddling Jordan.]

Frank: You're talking about the only great thing that happened in my life.

[Fade to black.]

[white screen]

[Evening. Frank is standing outside his house, watching Jordan ride her bicycle round in circles around him.]

JORDAN: I love this.

FRANK: [in a funny voice] You like?

JORDAN: I'm going to ride everywhere.

FRANK: Yeah, tomorrow. In the daylight.

JORDAN: I get to ride to school, right?

FRANK: Well, we'll talk about it.

JORDAN: I know what that means. That means yes.

FRANK: Come here. That means we talk about it.

[The phone indoors rings.]

FRANK: I'm expecting a call from Grandma. You stay in the driveway, OK?


[Frank picks up some items from the front porch.]

FRANK: The driveway, you hear me?

JORDAN: Mm, mm.

[Frank goes in the house and closes the door. Jordan cycles down the driveway and stops at the end. She looks around. A car drives slowly up the road. It drives in slo-mo past her. A small boy in the back seat stares at Jordan as the car goes past. Jordan watches the car as it turns off at the end of the road. She gets off her bike and removes her helmet, dropping it on the ground. She walks off in the direction of the car.]

FRANK: [into phone] No, I don't want to double my money in twenty minutes. Yeah, I know what an IPO is. How did you get my name, anyway?

[He looks out through the venetian blind. The driveway is empty except for Jordan's bike.]

FRANK: [into phone] Well, whoever the hell you are, I want you to take my name off your list.

[He slams down the phone.]

[Jordan is running down a pathway. The car draws up at a wrecked house. Suddenly Jordan sees a ball of flame erupt from the house. Then the flames run in reverse to show a perfectly normal two-storey house. Jordan stares at the house. The wind gets up and leaves start falling. They swirl around in one place. Jordan notices this.]

JORDAN: Who are you?

[The leaves continue to swirl.]

[Frank comes running up.]

FRANK: Jordan?

[He walks towards her.]

FRANK: Jordan, what are you doing?

JORDAN: I was coming, I was coming right home.

[she runs to him and they turn back towards home.]

FRANK: You scared me, sweetheart.

JORDAN: Sorry, Daddy.

[main titles]

[Next day. Jordan is standing on the stairs, dressed in an outdoor jacket and with a backpack. Frank picks up her helmet and put it on her head.]


[Frank smiles and takes off the helmet to adjust it.]

JORDAN: Did you have to wear this when you were little?

FRANK: They didn't have plastic when I was a little boy.

JORDAN: So, what did they make them out of?

FRANK: Dinosaur bones. Here.

[Jordan giggles. He puts the helmet back on her head.]

FRANK: All right, give me the rules.

JORDAN: Stop at every corner and look both ways before you cross.


JORDAN: Page you when I get there.


JORDAN: It's only, like, a few blocks.

FRANK: Why do you think I'm letting you ride there by yourself?


FRANK: Be careful.

[They walk out to the porch where Jordan's bike is leaning against the door.]

FRANK: Have a beautiful day at school.

[she bumps into the bike, and it almost falls over.]

FRANK: Good start.

[Jordan wheels her bike away.]

FRANK: Bye-bye.


[Frank watches as Jordan rides off down the driveway, then closes the front door. He goes over to the window and watches through the venetian blind. Jordan is circling round in the road, then stops and talks to her invisible friend.]

JORDAN: You want a ride? Come on!

[she pats the seat behind her.]

JORDAN: Sit. Ready?

[she rides off. Frank takes his pager out of a drawer and clips it to his belt.]

[school classroom. Children and parents. The school bell rings. Jordan has arrived outside the classroom. She stands at the door, watching. There's a new boy, Lucas, the one in the car the evening before. With him is his father. As Jordan watches, the father's face turns into a demon's.]

FATHER: Ok, son. You ready?

[The boy nods. His father hold up his hand.]

FATHER: Give me five.

[The man leaves the classroom.]

JORDAN: Shush. I know. I saw.

[Again, there's no-one there.]

[FBI bullpen. Frank goes over to Hollis.]

FRANK: Did Jordan call?

HOLLIS: Not since I got here. Something wrong?

FRANK: No, we got a new deal. She goes to school on her own and then she promises to page me the second she gets there, but she hasn't so I was hoping she called.

HOLLIS: You think she's OK?

FRANK: I know she is. I followed her, but ...

[Hollis laughs.]

HOLLIS: Rules.

FRANK: Yeah, well, if she's distracted I know she came by that honestly. Can I borrow the reviews from the case we were working on yesterday? I managed to displace mine.


[Frank's pager beeps.]

FRANK: Right. Hooray.

[Frank shows the pager to Hollis. It shows "007".]

HOLLIS: Double-oh seven?

FRANK: She's going through her spy phase. [He takes the documents.] Thank you.

[school. Jordan hangs up the payphone in the corridor. Lucas walks past. Jordan stands and watches him. Eventually he seems to sense her and stops, then turns and stares back.]

[FBI bullpen. Frank is photocopying documents, placing each one face down on the photocopier. Then he picks up the photocopies, but they're all blank.]

[school. Lucas drinks from a water fountain. Jordan whispers to her unseen friend.]

JORDAN: Ok, Ok. I'll tell him.

[she walks up to Lucas who turns to look at her. Two young children are running down the corridor and barge into Jordan who collides with Lucas and they both fall to the floor.]


[Jordan quickly backs away, seeming to be frightened.]

LUCAS: She bit me! Right here!

[He puts his hand to the side of the his neck.]

LUCAS: She bit me!

[Jordan gets up and runs back down the corridor.]

[Later. The school office. Frank meets with the School Principal.]

PRINCIPAL: We expect a certain amount of jousting at that age but not this. Teasing is mixed up with rough housing. It's mixed up with attraction.

FRANK: Yeah.

PRINCIPAL: This boy, Lucas, said she was following him.

FRANK: She never mentioned him.

PRINCIPAL: He just moved here.

FRANK: And what did Jordan say about it?

PRINCIPAL: She's not talking. This isn't like her. She's been a model student.

FRANK: I'd like to ask her what's going on.

PRINCIPAL: Well, you have all day. We have a firm rule about biting here - you go home.

[Later, in the corridor, Frank is putting Jordan's books in her bag. Other kids walk past.]

JORDAN: I'm sorry but I didn't bite anybody.

BOY: Did too!

JORDAN: I didn't. I didn't!

GIRL: Yes you did.

[Jordan notices Lucas further down the corridor. She runs to him.]

JORDAN: He's not your father! He's not! He's not! He's not your father!

[Lucas runs away.]

JORDAN: He's not! He's not your father! He's not!

[Frank picks her up and carries her away. Jordan continues to call out to Lucas.]

JORDAN: He's not your father!

[Home. Jordan's bedroom. She is sat on the side of her bed, a tray with a plate and a glass of milk beside her. Frank is sat astride a chair, facing her.]

JORDAN: I didn't bite anyone.

FRANK: Then what did you do?

JORDAN: I said.

FRANK: I know you said you didn't know. But I'm having a very tough time believing you.

JORDAN: I said I was sorry.

FRANK: That's not good enough. Really. You got to tell me what happened. Did you take those papers from my desk?

JORDAN: No. How many times do I have to say it.

FRANK: You know, I want you to think about what you did do. [He picks up her tray.] You want any more of this? [she shakes her head.] I want you to stay up here until you're ready to tell me what's going on.

[He gets up and walks out of the room. When he has left, Jordan turns to her invisible friend.]

JORDAN: I want to tell him.

[The doorbell rings. Frank opens the door. A couple, Mr and Mrs Sanderson, stand outside.]


MR. SANDERSON: Hi, Mr. Black? We're Lucas' parents, the boy at school.

FRANK: Please come in.

MR. SANDERSON: We just moved in around the corner. I'm Will Sanderson, this is my wife, Jean.

FRANK: Right.


FRANK: I'm sorry. I don't know how any of this happened.

MR. SANDERSON: So, she's not usually -

FRANK: Oh no, no. She's a great kid. Really great kid. I don't know what's got into her. How's your son?

MR. SANDERSON: Well, it's been rough. You know what it's like for kids at this age, they move in to a new place, all they want to do is fit in.

FRANK: Well, she swears she didn't bite him.

MRS. SANDERSON: That's the least of it. She yelled at Lucas that Will's not his father.

MR. SANDERSON: I'm not his father. And Jean's not his mother. He's adopted. We never figured out how to tell him until today. We had to, he came home so distraught.

MRS. SANDERSON: I keep telling myself your daughter's just a little girl. But what kind of a person would do that?

FRANK: Wait, wait. We'll get to the bottom of this.

[Frank looks up. Jordan is standing at the top of the stairs.]

FRANK: Jordan? Come on down.

[Jordan doesn't move.]

FRANK: We've got to clear the air, sweetheart. Come on down.

[she still hasn't moved.]

FRANK: Jordan.

[Jordan slowly walks down the stairs, but to one side as if there's someone else there. Then she sees that Mr. Sanderson's face has changed to the demon again. She runs at him screaming. Frank grabs hold of her.]

JORDAN: Let go!

MR. SANDERSON: Cut it out!

[Frank picks her up. The Sandersons back away.]

FRANK: Come on. Jordan! Come on! Listen to me, you stop it.

[Frank turns to the Sandersons.]

FRANK: Please leave.

[Jordan is still struggling and screaming. She pulls away from Frank and then bumps into the hall table and falls.]

JORDAN: Simon, help! Simon, help!

[Frank kneels down and puts her on his knee.]

JORDAN: My knee.

FRANK: You hurt yourself? Who's Simon? Jordan, who's Simon? Honey.

[Jordan just whimpers.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Hospital. Jordan has had stitches put into a wound on the front of her left thigh by a doctor. Outside the examination room, a nurse approaches Frank with a clipboard.]

NURSE: I have to ask you to fill this out. The law requires us to submit this form in certain types of child injuries.

FRANK: You're implying I did this to her.

NURSE: No, no. It's not an accusation. In fact the neighbor who witnessed the accident called to tell us just that, uh, Will Sanderson. Just fill it out on your way out.

[The doctor is now examining Jordan's eyes.]

DOCTOR: Ok, follow my finger, now.

[The doctor's face changes to the same demon face as Will Sanderson's. Jordan gasps.]

FRANK: Hey, Jordan. Jordan. What did you see?

JORDAN: It's just the light's too bright.

DOCTOR: That's OK, we're done now. The nurse told me about her odd behavior, that's why I wanted to check her eyes. Violent action sometimes follows a blow to the head.

FRANK: [to Jordan] What did you see?

DOCTOR: There's no organic damage. Technically she's fine. Parenting's tough work.

[The doctor smiles and leaves. Frank cuddles Jordan.]

[Frank and Jordan are driving home.]

FRANK: When are you going to tell Daddy what's up with you?

JORDAN: Nothing's up.

FRANK: Who's Simon?

[Jordan doesn't answer.]

FRANK: When you hurt yourself, you said "Simon, help me". Who's Simon?

JORDAN: I don't know.

FRANK: Jordan.

JORDAN: I don't.

FRANK: Can you tell me what happened at the hospital? When the doctor was looking in your eye. Did you see something?

[Jordan shakes her head.]

FRANK: I know you see things sometimes and it's important that we talk about that.

JORDAN: It's not that.

FRANK: What is it then? You've got to be honest with me.

[Jordan looks out the window. They are passing by the Sander's house. Outside is a car with "Neighborhood Friends" on it. A woman and a boy are standing at the door talking to Mr. Sanderson.]

FRANK: Jordan.

JORDAN: It's Lucas's father - he's bad.

FRANK: What do you mean?

JORDAN: He's just bad, I just know it.

[The Sandersons' house. The boy, clearly bored, is staring out into the street as the woman talks to Mr. Sanderson.]

WOMAN: I'm Judy Scranton, from Neighborhood Friends and Dennis Realtors. This is Calvin. Say hello to our new neighbor, Calvin.

[The boy turns around a sketches a wave.]

MRS. SCRANTON: He's kind of shy. Well, I'm your official welcome on behalf of our local merchants.

MR. SANDERSON: Uh, my wife's not in right now. This is, this really more up her alley.

MRS. SCRANTON: But you said on the phone this would be a good time.

MR. SANDERSON: I did? [she nods.] Uh, yeah, come on in.

MRS. SCRANTON: Thank you. Calvin. Calvin, Come on.

[Will Sanderson ushers them in.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Thank you.

[They enter the house.]

[Mrs. Scranton is holding out one of the welcome goodies, a pie.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Look at this, fresh out of the oven - and it's still warm, smell it. Come on. Mmmmm. Courtesy of Dole's Home Bakery, that's down on Main and Fourth.

[Calvin has wandered over to a table and picks up a framed photograph.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Calvin, don't touch that. Calvin! Put that back.

[she sees the photo – the Sandersons and Lucas.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Oh my goodness, is that your son?


MRS. SCRANTON: What an angel. Is he around?

MR. SANDERSON: He's with his mother.

[Calvin has spotted a display cabinet further down the hallway.]

MRS. SCRANTON: I know what's weird here. You've only been here one day but it looks like you have lived here for ever.

[His mother's voice fades as Calvin gets closer to the cabinet. It's a display of round objects.]

MRS. SCRANTON: When we moved in we were living out of boxes for months, ordering out practically every night, which didn't bother me at all.

[Her voice fades out even more as Calvin peers into the cabinet.]

MRS. SCRANTON: We have got everything. French, Italian, Thai, new cuisine.

[Calvin opens the cabinet door.]

MRS. SCRANTON: And, of course, good old American.

[Calvin has picked up one of the objects – an artificial eye.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Do they deliver? Yes they do. If you're looking for a takeout, this place is Mecca.

[The scene changes to looking at Calvin – monochrome, blurred, as though someone is watching through the eye.]

MRS. SCRANTON: That reminds me. There's an excellent Chinese place. That's D-A-Z-E.

[Mr. Sanderson has noticed Calvin and quickly goes over to him.]

MR. SANDERSON: Hey! Hey! Little guy, you don't belong over here. Come on, go back to with your Mom.

[He leads Calvin back.]

MR. SANDERSON: [to Mrs. Scranton] I'm sorry, they're antiques. We picked them up in Arizona.

MRS. SCRANTON: Oh! We're going there next winter. Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon in the snow?

[FBI bullpen. Frank puts some documents down onto Hollis' desk.]

HOLLIS: Been quite a day?

FRANK: Yeah.

HOLLIS: How's Jordan?

FRANK: She has a new invisible friend named Simon. That would be all right for a three-year-old. She leaped down those stairs and attacked the father of the boy who just moved in around the block. She says he's bad. The father, I mean.

HOLLIS: Is he?

FRANK: You know, I just don't have a take on him yet. According to the principal of the school, she's obsessed on the son. You know, new boy in school.

HOLLIS: Obsessed how?

FRANK: She follows him around. They say she bit him.

HOLLIS: Is he cute? I'm not trying to butt in, it's just - eight-year-old girls - I've got a niece that age, and of course I was that age, once.

FRANK: Yeah.

[Jordan's bedroom. Jordan is sat propped up on the pillows on the bed. She's idly playing with a toy. Hollis knocks on the door.]

HOLLIS: Can I come in?

JORDAN: You already did.

[Hollis wanders around, touches a windchime.]

HOLLIS: This is a very cool room. And I like your sweater.

JORDAN: You don't have to, you know, say stuff. I know he's worried about me.

[Hollis sits on the bed.]

HOLLIS: Yes, he is. You know, he told me about Simon.

[Jordan looks at her.]

JORDAN: He did?

HOLLIS: Is Simon here? Right now?

[Jordan nods, and looks across the room. Hollis looks in the same direction where there's a lighted ornament.]

HOLLIS: Is that Simon?

[Jordan looks back at Hollis.]

JORDAN: You see him?

HOLLIS: Not exactly, but I know he's there. What is that he's wearing?

JORDAN: He just moved here from Phoenix. So he's cold all the time. That's why he's wearing that big huge coat.

[Jordan gets off the bed and looks towards the shelf.]

JORDAN: Simon doesn't want me talking about him.

[Downstairs. Frank is sat at a table, looking through documents. Hollis comes down from upstairs.]

HOLLIS: That's an intense little girl you've got there.

FRANK: Intensity's fine. This is something else.

HOLLIS: Well, you were right about two things. She doesn't like whatever his name is, your neighbor, Will Sanderson. And she does have an imaginary friend named Simon. I found something out about him. He's from --

FRANK: Phoenix.

HOLLIS: How'd you know. Is that where the new family's from?

FRANK: There's an unsolved murder. A pregnant woman. The baby died.

[He holds out the document for Hollis to look at.]

HOLLIS: Mrs. Simon. Phoenix, Arizona. You want to tell me what's going on?

[Frank has a vision of a blood-stained body.]

[Outside the Sanderson house. Mrs. Scranton gets into her car, waving at Mr. Sanderson.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Goodbye, and thank you.

[The car drives off. She puts a tape into the player: "This Little Light of Mine". Calvin is sat in the back seat, holding the artificial eye.]

MRS. SCRANTON: I liked that man, didn't you, Cal?

[Calvin doesn't answer.]

MRS. SCRANTON: What you got there, Cal?

[still no response.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Cal? Calvin?

[she turns the rear view mirror to see him.]

MRS. SCRANTON: What's that?

[He continues to ignore her.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Did you take something?

[she turns around to take it from him but he pulls away. She turns back to driving. Calvin holds up the eye and points it at his mother. The view becomes monochrome and the sound is distorted.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Honey? What are you doing?

[Calvin turns the eye to face him. Again a monochrome view of him.]


[Now Calvin starts whimpering, then screaming, shaking his hand as if trying to let go of the eye.]

MRS. SCRANTON: Calvin! Give that to me!

[she is trying to reach Calvin. A car horn blares, tires screech, the car crashes.]

[The screaming is now from Jordan who suddenly sits up on her bed.]

[in the car, Calvin sits, shocked, in the back of the car. In the driver's seat, his mother lies bleeding from pieces of wood that have driven through the back of her seat and pierced her abdomen.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Next morning, Frank and Hollis are in Frank's sitting room looking through a folder. Case file: No. 462198. A photograph of Mrs. Scranton's body in the car.]

HOLLIS: The boy escaped with mild contusions. The mother died from several "For Sale" signs that penetrated on impact. Single mom. Hard working. No-one's stepping forward to claim the boy.

[Jordan is listening at the door. Frank sees her.]

FRANK: Jordan?

JORDAN: How come Agent Hollis is here?

[Frank is a little exasperated. He closes the case file.]

FRANK: She's helping me with something.

JORDAN: The car crash wasn't an accident.

FRANK: We have to get a move on. We have to leave for school in ten minutes.

JORDAN: Lucas's dad made her crash.

FRANK: [firmly] Ten minutes. Get a move on.

JORDAN: Okaaay.

[she leaves, not in the best of moods.]

HOLLIS: Double-oh seven?

FRANK: She may be right.

[Frank opens the case file again, and also the Simon case file. The photographs of the deceased women are similar.]

HOLLIS: What's that?

FRANK: The Simon case in Phoenix and the woman here - their deaths are remarkably similar. Explosion from within.

HOLLIS: Frank, this one's a car wreck. This one was torn apart by a knife.

FRANK: Well, we still need a photograph of the Phoenix woman's husband.

HOLLIS: Are you saying he'll turn out to be Will Sanderson?

FRANK: Well, he wouldn't be the first man to murder his wife and then change his identity.

HOLLIS: You know something here that I don't, don't you.

FRANK: I'm telling you it's just a gut feeling.

HOLLIS: Yeah. OK, forget it. I'm just trying to understand, that's all. I'll go get you your photo.

[she picks up her belongings and leaves.]

[Later. Frank driving his jeep in the rain.]

JORDAN: When can I ride my bike to school again?

FRANK: We'll see. Listen, what you said about Lucas's dad causing the crash? Why did you say that?

JORDAN: 'cos he did.

FRANK: How do you know?

JORDAN: He's bad. They were at his house.

FRANK: Sometimes it's hard to tell who's bad and who isn't.

JORDAN: Not for me.

FRANK: Well, no-one sees everything, honey. I need you to stay away from Lucas, OK?

[He looks at Jordan. Jordan looks back at him.]


JORDAN: [eventually] OK.


JORDAN: What's going to happen to the little boy in the car crash?

FRANK: He'll get adopted by a family that want a little boy very much.

JORDAN: Just like Lucas?

FRANK: Like Lucas.

[Hollis' computer screen, showing:

FBI Classified Search Request.

To: Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles.

Criteria: Sanderson.

Interagency link: Re-routing. Please Stand By.

The computer crashes. Hollis sighs. Then the computer reboots by itself. The screen displays images and names: Neil Simon, Simon Templar, Simon Bolivar, Simple Simon, Simon Says, Simon Wiesenthal. A repeating sequence. Every computer in the office is affected. Other workers are puzzled and ask if it's a virus. Hollis' screen then shows "007". Colleagues speculate: 'Should I shut it down and restart it?'; 'I've lost my files.'; 'Simon Says?'; 'Is that what we all have?'

Hollis picks up the phone.]

FRANK: [on phone] Frank Black.

HOLLIS: Is Jordan with you?

[Later. Jordan's school. Frank and the principal are walking down the hallway.]

PRINCIPAL: I think you're over-reacting, Mr. Black. She's in science class right now.

FRANK: I just want to make sure she's OK.

PRINCIPAL: She's fine. Maybe because Lucas isn't here today.

[They stop by an open classroom door. Two chairs are empty – Lucas and Jordan. The Principal looks at Frank, puzzled.]

[The Sanderson house. The display of eyes. Jordan, wearing her hooded jacket, enters the hallway, alone. She walks slowly down the hallway, looking around her. She goes over to the basement door. In the display cabinet, one of the eyes is turned, as though watching her. The view of Jordan opening the door, changes to monochrome. In normal view, Jordan turns.]

JORDAN: No, I don't want to go down there.

[Again the monochrome view of Jordan standing along at the open door.]

JORDAN: Are you sure he's down there? Positive? OK.

[Normal view. Jordan goes onto the top step, closing the door behind her. She walks slowly down the basement steps. The boiler furnace starts up. She walks over to it and opens the door and looks in at the flames. There appears to be something moving in the flames, something demonic. She slams the door shut and backs away. A man grabs her shoulders and she whirls around, screaming.]

MR. SANDERSON: What are you doing here?

JORDAN: Get away from me!

MR. SANDERSON: Oh, no, no-one is going to hurt you. Jordan?

[she backs away from him, screaming.]


MR. SANDERSON: Be quiet.


[she continues to scream.]

MR. SANDERSON: Shush! Just be quiet! Get over here now.

[Jordan backs into a table, dislodging a small pair of garden shears, which falls to the floor.]

MR. SANDERSON: Jordan! Just calm down!

[A hand, bare-armed, picks up the shears and stabs him in the the front of his left thigh. He yells, and Jordan runs up the stairs.]


[Jordan runs off screaming, leaving Sanderson holding his leg in agony.]

[Later. Hospital. Frank is standing at the desk, a police officer is talking to him.]

COP: I need you to sign this. Says your daughter's been released into your custody. You might want to thank your neighbor. Said don't press charges. Doesn't want her to have a record.

[Jordan is sitting in the same examination room as before.]

FRANK: That's not why he said lay off. He's not who he says he is. I have photos coming in that'll prove that.

COP: I still need your signature at the bottom.

FRANK: Yeah.

[sanderson exits a nearby room, a bandage on his thigh. He has a demon face. He hops up to Frank and the cop, in his human face.]

MR. SANDERSON: Hey, Frank. Look, I am trying to be a good neighbor, but your daughter is out of control.

FRANK: She said she didn't do it.

MR. SANDERSON: Of course she does. But she needs help.

FRANK: Who else was in the cellar?

MR. SANDERSON: Are you serious?

FRANK: Why don't you answer the question?

MR. SANDERSON: Are you interrogating me!

COP: Mr. Black, maybe you should go now.

[Hollis hurriedly enters the police station.]

HOLLIS: Frank! Frank.

FRANK: This man is withholding evidence vital to this case.

MR. SANDERSON: What case? You know something, I should be suing.

[Frank opens the envelope Hollis has given him, and takes out a photograph. Hollis whispers to Frank.]

HOLLIS: It's not him.

MR. SANDERSON: What do you mean, it's not me. Who is that? You are as nuts as your daughter.

[sanderson leaves. Hollis has gone over to one side, looking at Jordan. Frank walks over and joins her.]

HOLLIS: Frank. They told me Jordan stabbed him with shears.

FRANK: There was someone else in the basement.


FRANK: I don't know but I believe her.



HOLLIS: I'm not picking a fight, I'm just asking what's going on. You have some idea.

FRANK: Do you really think that she stabbed him in the leg with shears?

HOLLIS: You saying he did it to himself?


HOLLIS: Then who do you think did?

FRANK: Please get the shears and have them examined.

HOLLIS: It's police jurisdiction.

FRANK: Please.

HOLLIS: What do we test for, fingerprints?

FRANK: Everything.

[Frank turns back to the cop.]

FRANK: I'll sign it.

[Hollis continues to look at Jordan, who stares back.]

[fade to black]

[polaroid fade up]

[Jordan's bedroom. The table with the lighted ornament.*]

FRANK: Honey, if Simon is really your friend, how come he's not showing himself to me? I know all your other friends, don't I? Sometimes when people say they're your friend, they're not telling the truth.

JORDAN: Can't you tell when someone's bad?

FRANK: I'm not sure.

[Car lights show in the window.]

FRANK: It's Agent Hollis.

[Frank leaves the room.]


HOLLIS: You're right about the prints. There's another set on the shears. We haven't got a match yet.

[Frank is distracted by what sounds like a car driving past. He glances towards the window. Hollis notices this and looks in that direction as well. Frank has a vision of Calvin in the car, and the car crashing.]

HOLLIS: What is it?

FRANK: The fingerprints are from a child.

HOLLIS: Right. And they're not from Jordan, so don't keep telling me you have no idea what's going on.

FRANK: They're from the kid, Lucas. He's been doing everything.

HOLLIS: What's that even mean?

FRANK: You asked me what was going on. And I told you.

HOLLIS: But that's not even possible.

[she indicates the window.]

HOLLIS: You saw something, what was it?

FRANK: I'm going to the Sanderson house.

HOLLIS: Frank.

FRANK: Listen, Jordan's upstairs. Stay with her. Don't let her out of your sight. Please.

[Frank leaves.]

[sanderson house. Frank goes up to the front door. It's open. He enters.]

FRANK: Jean! Will!

[He goes over to the display case and bends over, scrutinizing the eyes. Monochrome view of him. In normal view, Frank stands up. He hears a creaking sound, then he is hit over the head. He falls to the floor.]

[Jordan's bedroom. She's lying on the bed. Hollis sits nearby, reading. Suddenly, Jordan sits up.]

[sanderson house. Frank's inert body is dragged along the floor.]

[Jordan's bedroom.]

JORDAN: My dad's in trouble! He needs me! I have to get over there!

HOLLIS: Jordan. Jordan. Now he wants us to stay here, OK?

JORDAN: Mr. Sanderson's after him.

HOLLIS: No. Mr. Sanderson is not doing this.

JORDAN: Yes he is!

HOLLIS: No, no, your dad said so. And he can take care of himself.


HOLLIS: He's fine! Jordan!

[Jordan runs out of the room.]

[sanderson house. Basement.]

LUCAS: Wake up, wake up, come on, hurry.

[Frank is sat in a chair. He wakes up.]

LUCAS: Hurry! My dad's coming back! Hurry!

[Frank groggily gets to his feet and Lucas leads him through the basement, past the furnace which has the door open showing the flames inside. Frank and Lucas go into a curtained-off area of the "basement". There are pipes, dripping water and piles of skulls.]

FRANK: Yeah, I'm really tired, my legs are tired. I don't think I'm gonna make it.

LUCAS: You're carrying too much stuff.

FRANK: I'm not carrying anything.

LUCAS: You know what I mean. Let it go.

FRANK: This is not the way out.

LUCAS: It's the only way out.

FRANK: What?

LUCAS: You know Jordan's future. You don't want to be around when it happens. [monochrome, sound starts going weird] I'm doing you a favor.

FRANK: You can't keep me down here.

LUCAS: You think? Who's stronger, Frank, me or you.

[The boy's voice is echo-y, as though there are two people talking.]

JORDAN: Daddy!

FRANK: Jordan?

JORDAN: Daddy.

[Frank walks over in the direction of her voice. Jordan stands with her back to Frank and the boy. She is standing on a grating, through which light flickers, and is looking a heap of human skulls.]

FRANK: Jordan.

[Then she turns around. Frank walks to her and kneels down in front of her. Lucas stands a little way behind him.]

FRANK: Hey, hey, hey.

JORDAN: Daddy, I'm scared.

FRANK: It's OK, it's OK.

[Jordan looks behind Frank, and sees a monster, standing where Lucas had been. Frank sees her reaction and looks behind him. The monster attacks Frank and savages his face.]

[Frank wakes up in the chair near the furnace. The basement is on fire. Frank struggles to his feet and staggers toward the stairs.]

[Outside, the fire service has arrived. Jordan and Hollis are there. Jordan struggles in Hollis' arms.]

JORDAN: Daddy! Daddy!

HOLLIS: Jordan!

JORDAN: Daddy!

HOLLIS: Jordan! No! No! The firemen are here, they're going to go get your dad.

[Jordan continues to cry out, as firemen run into the house.]

[in the basement, Frank runs up the basement steps into the hallway, which is also on fire. Mr. Sanderson is lying on the floor, a wound on his head dripping blood onto the floor. Frank helps him to his feet.]

FRANK: Come on. We've got to get out of here.

[Outside, Jordan is still struggling in Hollis' arms. Mrs. Sanderson runs up.]

MRS. SANDERSON: Oh my god! Where's Will?

[A policeman grabs her, preventing her from getting closer to the burning house.]

MRS. SANDERSON: Where's Lucas? No! My little boy's still in there.

[inside, the two men struggle toward the door, when they hear Lucas.]

LUCAS: Help!


[Lucas is in the sitting room, standing in a corner.]

LUCAS: Help!

FRANK: Don't go in there!

MR. SANDERSON: He's my son.

FRANK: No he's not!

[sanderson dives through the flame-rimmed doorway.]


[Frank tries to follow him, but the flames flare up and drive him back. Sanderson reaches Lucas.]

MR. SANDERSON: I've got you.

[He puts his arms around Lucas. Lucas gazes calmly at Frank.]

LUCAS: Who's stronger, Frank, me or you?

[Lucas laughs. Sanderson looks perplexed. Then the ceiling falls in. Frank is still being beaten back by the flames. He turns away. He's seen again in monochrome, but it's the view of a masked fireman who grabs Frank and pulls him away.]

[Outside, people watch and worry. Flames are now billowing out of the downstairs windows and an upstairs room.]

JORDAN: Daddy! Daddy!

HOLLIS: Jordan, no.

[Then Hollis sees Frank and the fireman running from the house. She puts down Jordan who runs to her father. He picks her up and walks over to Hollis.]

FRANK: How are you?

[Hollis nods that she's OK. All three stand and look at the burning house. In an upstairs window, Lucas is briefly seen standing amidst the flames.]

JORDAN: Do you see, Daddy?

[Lucas' head starts shaking and distorting. Then changes into Lucy Butler.]

FRANK: Yeah, I see it.

[Hollis looks at the window, but sees nothing but flames.]

HOLLIS: See what?

[Frank gently shakes Jordan, as if to tell her not to answer.]

HOLLIS: See what, Frank?

[suddenly, the house explodes in a fireball, just as Jordan saw at the beginning. Mrs. Sanderson clutches her head in anguish.]

[Fade to black.]

[FBI briefing room.]

HOLLIS: The fingerprints off the shears came back from the lab. They match the prints of the dead baby in Phoenix, the one Mrs. Simon was carrying. Even though he technically died unborn, the father named him on the death certificate. Lucas. [pause] Guess it doesn't surprise you.

FRANK: You're looking for an explanation - I don't have one.

HOLLIS: What did you see in that window before the house exploded? What did you and Jordan see?

FRANK: I'm not sure.

HOLLIS: That's such - a lie. And I am so tired of stumbling through this with you, not seeing, not knowing, not anything. I didn't get into this to be a delivery boy, even for you.

FRANK: Emma. I see what I'm allowed to see. Just like everyone else. I didn't see anything. Neither did Jordan.

HOLLIS: Not clearly. Not this time. But she will.

FRANK: And if she doesn't?

[Hollis leaves. Frank throws the case file onto the table.]

[sanderson house. Just a pile of blackened rubble. Jordan, on her bicycle. She stops and looks at it. A car drives round a corner. In the back of the car is Lucas. He stares at Jordan as the car passed by. Jordan looks back at the house, then pedals quickly away.]

[Fade to black.]

* There are lettered blocks on the table, four of which are C-H-I-P in a line. Chip Johannessen was the show-runner for Season 3. Noted by JRC of TIWWA.

Lance Henriksen (Frank Black)

Klea Scott (Emma Hollis)

Also starring:

Brittany Tiplady (Jordan Black)

Guest starring:

Michael Bofshever (Will Sanderson)

Colleen Winton (Jean Sanderson)

Dillon Moen (Lucas Sanderson)

Gabrielle Rose (The Welcome Lady)


Jane Perry (Principal Hawes)

Connor Widdows (Calvin Scranton)


Helen Taylor (ER Nurse)

Ian Robinson (ER Doctor)

D. Neil Mark (Police Officer)

Paul Dickson (Firefighter)


Sarah Jane Redmond as Lucy Butler

Music by Mark Snow

Editor: Chris Willingham A.C.E.

Production Designer: Mark Freeborn

Director of Photography: Robert McLachlan

Executive Story Editors: Kay Reindl and Erin Maher

Production Manager: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda

Co-Producer: Julie Herlocker

Co-Producer: Patrick Harbinson

Co-Producer: Kathy Gilroy-Sereda

Co-Producer: Paul Rabwin

Producer: Michael R Perry

Producer: Thomas J Wright

Supervising Producer: Marjorie David

Co-Executive Producer: Frank Spotnitz

Co-Executive Producer: Ken Horton

Co-Executive Producer: John Peter Kousakis

Written by Jordan Hawley and Chip Johannessen

Directed by Paul Shapiro

Executive Producer: Chip Johannessen

Executive Producer: Chris Carter

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