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Weak Strain Of Bird Flu Found At Sun Valley Farm

(CBS) SUN VALLEY Japanese quails suffering from a low pathogenic strain of bird flu were discovered in a Sun Valley quail farm.

The Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement, a non-governmental, nonprofit organization devoted to defending animals, began investigating conditions at the now-defunct L.A. Quail Farm earlier this year. The agency served a warrant at the farm and discovered the quails living in unsanitary conditions with a multitude of illnesses. All the animals were seized on Nov. 12 and were tested.

The bureau’s veterinarian determined many of the birds had a variety of diseases, fast-moving respiratory ailments, infections, injuries and lesions. Most disturbing was the diagnosis of a low pathogenic strain of avian influenza among the quails, which had been raised and kept at the facility.

The birds had been raised for human consumption. :ouro:

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Oh, Hell's Bells! That's just great.

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Jordan: We're all shepherds.

Frank: Yes honey. Yes we are.

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