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Aliens....nessie....ghosts, Oh My!

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heres the rules, there are no debating please post what you believe in: everything from the supernatural to UFOs....mothmen....lake monsters.....demons

first of all i seem to believe in the mothman story of Silver Bridge in W.VA

i also believe of unknown species that may dwell in Lakes or land.

and the physical manifastation of evil

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1)Aliens, no way in hell humans are the most advanced species in the vast universe

2)mothman, too many reports for everyone to be crazy

3)Roland Deschain, hes got to be out there somewhere.....he just has to be.

Joe, you just love to post volatile posts dont you? LOL...you are right, what is posted here is not fodder for someone's prejudices...

Things i believe in:

Mans penchant for good

Angels -

Mans penchant for unspeakable evil

Demons -

The list is too great regarding things i DO NOT believe in, but if anyone listens to the Art Bell show, then you have a really good idea...now here is the tricky part, if i say i do not believe in the following, i assure you, primarily, they are based on my own personal beliefs, secondly, it only serves the fact that i have, as of yet, never experienced them, so here goes:

ufo's :nope:

alien abductions :nope:

governmental conspiracies involving Hurricane Katrina :nope:

ghosts :nope:

yeti's :nope:

bigfoot :nope:

shadow people :nope:

nessie or any other supposedly prehistoric creatures roaming in various bodies of water :nope:

reincarnation :nope:

previous lifes :nope:

chupacabras :nope:

mold that grows on a refrigerator in the shape of The Virgin Mary :nope:

p.s. - maybe i will wait on the nessie thing...see the attached photo...

just a small list, also, i do not believe that a MillenniuM movie is coming anytime soon..LOL..

Fourth Horseman...


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Faeries, Elves & Hobbits :nope:

Moth man :yes:

UFO's :yes:

Dog killing Squirrels :nope:

Ghosts :yes:

I think Seances are a bad Idea. Don't think you could should go calling up anything.

But we've all experienced ... ok I've experienced stuff like 'cold spots', unexplained scents, like the strong scent of flowers, only to hear a close friend was killed in a car accident at the same time.

I believe animals experience it too.

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Guest SouthernCelt

I believe in the possibility of existence of pretty much everything except the veracity of most politicians. I can accept that all the things mentioned above could exist although they may not be what they seem in our interpretation of them.

In addition to all the above, I also think Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone and he may have been a fall-guy for the real assassins. I think the Illuminati may still exist in some form but I don't think it is the direct descendent of the original organization or that it's centered in the Masons.

With enough time I could probably come up with a lot more but I need to move on 'cause I'm a whole day behind in catching up on the board.

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Guest Frank L.

About aliens: I'm going to use a familiar phrase: I WANT TO BELIEVE

Wouldn't it be great if one day you got out of bed and switched on the television and there would be a report of NASA or something that aliens do exist? That is, if they're not the "War Of The Worlds" kind of aliens. I read a non-fiction book about this once, and how many things would change when it was certain we are not alone? The effect on us would be huge! Anyway, some evidence of paranormal/supernatural stuff is very convincing, but I can never sure until I see it myself. I loved The Mothmen Prophecies BTW. Really need to get that one on DVD.

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governmental conspiracies involving Hurricane Katrina

Yeah. LOL Boy, I'm pissed at the government for a lot of things, but I just about fell out of my chair when I read online that there was a group of people saying the govt. was responsible for the hurricane! :doh: Boy, oh boy. The local govt. may have dropped the ball on being more helpful for the victims, and preparing in the 1st place.....but somehow CAUSING IT? No-one can controll the weather that severely! (aside from the global warming.....but that's a sloowwww process.)

I must say I believe in UFOs because I've SEEN ONE........ In Aliens because it is the height of arrogance to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe............... The afterlife, because I have had contact with people from the other side.................... ESP because I have it...........And a sh*t-load of other things so long that it'd take me too long to list! :fool:

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