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Your Favorite Supporting Creep In S1

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Ah well, I tried to create a poll, but of course I messed it up. :doh::cry:

This was supposed to be in there:

Who's the best partner in crime of the main crooks in season one? I left the demons and sort out since they're so obvious and there already was a great poll on them not so long ago, so the list is short. (Besides, I'm sure I've simply forgot about someone who should absolutely be on the list..) Anyway, please pick your favorite and tell us your opinion.

Mike Bardale, an ex-con with a talent for hogbreeding. (The Judge)

Clea Bangs, Joe Bangs's wife. Did she know what her husband was doing? And if she didn't, should she have noticed at least something? :eyes: (The Well-Worn Lock)

Jacob Tyler, Richard Alan Hance's former cellmate, who would do anything for love. (The Thin White Line)

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I'd have to say....out of these 3..... Clea Bangs, Joe Bangs's wife.

Not because she was the most interesting caracter, or even the best actress, but simply because of what she represents. The vast magority of the population that would rather turn a blind eye to what's right in front of their faces than to take a stand for what is RIGHT....just because they are too BLEEPING cowardly to stand up on their own two feet and act like BLEEPING human beings!

(I'll get off my soap-box now.... :goodnight: )

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