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"indigo Children" Becoming Big Topic Apparently

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Now Pravda has published something on "Indigo Children":

New human race of indigo children appears on Earth

(The English translation version leaves a little to be desired; it seems to have a few improperly expressed statements.)

Interestingly, this article ties the "Indigo Children" into the supposed Mayan calendar end-of-time prediction by saying that the choice for humans at the end of this existence will be to either die or move to a 4th dimensional state. Only those humans with innate knowledge of what this change of existence means can make the transition and the "Indigo Children" are the only ones with that innate knowledge or understanding of the cosmos, so only they will survive.

My previous post on thise subject is here.

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Another article on "Indigo" children. Some of this makes it sound more like they're just spoiled brats rather than truly gifted children. Some of it reminds me of the child murderess in "Bad Seed."

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