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Mothman, Mermaids, And Monsters Most Mysterious

Guest SouthernCelt

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i think i have seen this website before, well informitive site

I have the Mothman Prophacys- and it was filmed not far from where I worked for a while. I had a chance to meet a few of the extras and they came away from it, with a profound sense that - knowing the story changed their lives.

The story is on two levels. One - factual- was that on dec- 15th or so, the bridge to point pleasant collapsed, sending people and cars into the river below. Now- horrible stuff happens all the time, and the media beats it to death- but in this case, they didn't. within a day- it was like nothing had happened- Now, the facts are of all the bodys found, there were two that were not- a young childs, and a goverment agents.

The second level is the fiction. There were stories made up after the fact about - well, a curse on the town, and that the bridge going down was the end of the curse-

there is the movie version of what happened- and there is the army corps of engineers version. The ACE say that a single bolt became stressed due to structural defects and let go which started a cascade effect of the bridge collapse.

A single fringen bolt?

Do you really believe that a bridge that has thousands of bolts could lose one and have it come tumbling down?

I dunno.

But then, I believe in Santa.


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it is believed that it was the rusted bolts on the Titanic that made it sink. Back on point is there a actual connection between the tragedy at Point Pleasent Bridge and the Mothman?


In Celt's link to Cryptozoology, the writer recounts John's experience;

"As Keel began to talk to people and gather information, the journalist found himself getting more deeply involved in the events, to the extent that "There were entities that communicated with John by phone." Coleman explains that as Keel analyzed the events, he found Point Pleasant to be "a vortex of phenomena, and couldn't really tell one from the other. It was a scary situation for John."

Whatever one thinks of the validity of Keel's claims, there's no arguing the horror of what happened next. Keel had begun to be given "prophecies" by the entities he was dealing with in Point Pleasant, one in particular that said that "when President Johnson turned on the Christmas lights at the White House, the whole northeast was going to go into a blackout." However, by that point, Coleman says that Keel had "started to get fooled by the phenomena.

"On December 15, John Keel is in his apartment in Manhattan," Coleman continues. "[Waiting for the blackout] with his bottled water and his batteries, and nothing happens. About six minutes later, on the TV set across the bottom: 'Bridge collapses across Ohio River.' And he just freaks out."

Keel "freaked out" because the bridge in question was the Silver Bridge, which crossed the Ohio River between Gallipolis, Ohio, and – you guessed it – Point Pleasant, West Virginia. "67 people fell into the river. 46 died. They found 44 bodies," says Coleman. "Several people who died were related to witnesses of Mothman."

In an excerpt From The Mothman Prophecies, John talks about more than the events but his take on the human mind. Interesting speculation on the phenomena of prophesy itself.


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